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Improving environmental education in Uznova

Envi. Education'Improving Environmental Education' at "Xhemal Cekini" school, Uznova, Berat, Albania is a project in collaboration between Powerful Information and EDEN center.

Uznova is located near to the Battery Plant which operated for many years without or little control on their emissions. The thought today is that this factory is not functional. Many people, especially from the Roma community, make a living by selling the lead laid near to the factory and in the same time risk their health.

The aim of the project is increasing the understanding, the awareness and the respect of the local authority, community, teachers and students towards the local environment and also to reduce potential risks to the health by unsafe activities in Uznova.

In the framework of the project the environment of the school is improved significantly. The students as well have contributed to the awareness activities like distributing leaflets, informing the community of the Acid Lead Battery contamination.

Envi. Education 1Some of the latest activities have been a 5-day computer training for teachers. It was developed in June-July 2013 for the improvement of the computer skills of the academic staff as well as their skills in reporting different activities of the school. In June a presentation on the forest and pasture role in the creation of a healthy environment and the role of the rivers on the natural environment made up an informative presentation for the students of 'Xhemal Cekini' school, Uznova. We aimed to increase the students' knowledge and also their interest of the environment.

One of the activities of this project was developed on 3-4 October for the students of 6th 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. The activity included an informative presentation by specialist to inform for the environmental pollution and their effects on the human health. The activity was developed in two parts: the first was concentrated on the organic pollution and the second on the industrial pollution showing as well their effects on health.

The students followed with attention and interest the activity which will contribute to increase their knowledge even further on the environmental issues and give to them a wider horizon of thinking.

Follow the activity of 3.10.-4.10.2013 HERE