TC 'Be a leader in an environmental NGO'

From 5 till 12 October 23 young people and trainers from different countries of Europe gathered in the ecological centre "Renata" in a small village Bela u Jevicka and discussed what it takes to be a good leader in non-profit organisations.

Youth Exchange - Give pedestrians their city back!

Tirana, Albania is a busy place. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the Balkans and it is facing a unique set of problems posed by private car ownership and lack of a pedestrian culture. YEE and Eden Centre hosted 30 participants to focus on these problems and to try and come up with some solutions for ways to give pedestrians across Europe their cities back.

Feasibilty visit 'Women leadership program' materials

The materials from the Feasibility Visit 'Women Leadership Program' that were produced during the sessions - results of discussions, project ideas and more. The Feasibility Visit took place in April 2012 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Annual Meeting 2012

YEE Annual Meeting took place in Ecocentre Paleta Oucmanice, Czech Republic from 27th to 29th of July 2012.

TC Media, Communication & Nature

TC focused on environmental communication with media and public. July 2012, Ecocentre Paleta Oucmanice, Czech Republic.

TC Mystical Sustainable Village

TC took place in July 2012 in Portugal and was organised by OPE. It involved young volunteers from non- governmental organisations from all over Europe. During one week they participated in a training course in a typical old Portuguese village with very low population. The experience of OPE working on youth environmental projects has highlighted the need for providing young people with knowledge and skills about sustainability on daily village routines, like milking the cows, making bread, taking sheeps to graze, farming, studying hemp cycle, together with traditional cultural activities.

Youth Exchange Diversity

Project organised in May 2012 in Armenia by FYCA and YEE. Participants from Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Albania, Ukraine and Sweden met to discuss on different types of diversity (cultural, social, religious and biological). The youth exchange was founded by the European Youth Foundation, the Council of Europe.

PBA 'Volunteers for Environment'

Partnership Building Activity took place in Armenia in May 2012. The project was organised by Stepanavan Youth Center with the support of YEE. It was funded by Youth in Action.

Feasibilty visit 'Women leadership program'

The feasibility visit ‘Women Leadership Program' took place from the 27th to the 30th of April 2012. Participants from 11 different countries came together in Ohrid, Macedonia to discuss the situation and position of women in their local communities and to brainstorm ideas for actions which could help to increase the percentage of women in leadership positions in their communities.

Study Session France

Study Session on European Environmental Law, funded Council of Europe and hosted in the European Youth Centre. Participants from 17 different countries met for 7 days to learn about environmental law documents, campaign creation, the link between human rights and the environment as well as effective advocacy in the field of environmental protection

YEE day 2011

Forest cleaning in Dobříš (Czech Republic) for the celebration of YEE day.

Youth Exchange 'Renewable Energy and Waste Management'

Youth Exchange 'Renewable Energy and Waste Management' took place in Porto, Portugal from 25th of July to the 1st of August 2011

TC I can lead! I can facilitate!

Training Course "I can lead! I can facilitate!"

Annual Meeting 2011

YEE Annual Meeting took place in Toulcuv Dvur from 22nd to 24th of July 2011.

Youth Exchange 'Learning from each other' 2011

The Youth Exchange 'Learning from each other: Methods of environmental education' took place in Czech Republic in April 2011.

Environmental Audit Evaluation Meeting

The Evaluation Meeting of the Environmental Audit Project took place in Toulcuv Dvur, Prague, March 2011.

Water in Pictures – Exhibition Opening in Tirana

Photos form the opening of the exhibition Water – Its Importance in Pictures in Tirana, Albania.

Water in Pictures – Exhibition Opening in Prague

Photos from the opening of the exhibition in Klub K4 in Prague.

Water in Pictures – Exhibition in Yerevan

Photos from the opening of the exhibition in Artists Union of Armenia Gallery.

TC 'Innovate your life: Make it sustainable'

Training course ‘Innovate Your Life: Make It Sustainable' took place in Serbia in October 2010 and was organised by Young Researchers of Serbia with the help of YEE. The TC faced the main environmental threats - 2 unsustainable production and consumption, pollution and climate change. It provided youth with knowledge about sustainable alternatives - solutions of these problems.

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