YEE Team Water Monitoring

YEE Office Team water monitoring trip to Czech Karst.

TC 'Youth Ambassadors for Sustainable Living'

Another project was successfully run by Youth Environmental League of Prydniprovya (MELP) in cooperation with Youth and Environment Europe (YEE). This time it was a training course devoted to the topic of renewable energy and climate change. 17 participants from various European countries came together in Pavlograd, Ukraine, in the period from the 17th to the 23rd of August to listen to a range of very interesting lectures given by 3 experienced experts from Italy, Great Britain and the Ukraine, and to discuss climate change and renewable energy issues on a contemporary level.

Youth Exchange 'Learning from each other' 2010

The Youth Exchange ‘Learning from each other - games from environmental education' took place in September 2010 in Polish mountains and lasted 7 days. It involved 5 organisations from several European countries which work in the field of youth and environmental work, especially environmental education. The youth exchangewas joined by 24 participants from Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Poland. They used the principle of ‘learning from each other' to exchange ideas, experience and best practices from environmental education through workshops prepared by each of the organisations taking part in the youth exchange.

TC Forest Welcome Home

"Forest - Welcome Home" was a TC organised by OA PTTK and YEE in Bieszczady National Park in south-eastern Poland. 25 participants (youth workers, trainers, facilitators, volunteers from environmental organisations) from countries throughout Europe, such as Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, UK, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland participated in educational workshops aiming to train and exchange knowledge and practice on working with children and youth on the topic of the forest ecosystem. The project was orientated on learning about forest education methodologies and educational tools for making projetcs and activities. It will be focused on promoting high-quality youth events and training in the field of environmental education connected especially with the forest.

TC Environmental Audit

TC Environmental Audit took place in September 2010 in Bělá u Jevíčka, Czech Republic.

Water - Its Importance in Pictures

Exhibition project of YEE. 40 selected pictures will be displayed in 5 countries in 2010 and 2011.

Annual Meeting 2010

Annual Meeting 2010 took place in Czech Republic 8-16th of August 2010.

United Islands Festival 2010

Our EVS volunteers, Paulina and Francesco, were promoting YEE at United Islands international music Festival, in Prague.

TC Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution 2010

Training Course in Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution - Hostětín, April 22th-28th 2010

METHODS: TC Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

The hand-outs from the TC 'Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution' that were prepared by the trainers and the participants and used during the workshops. The TC 'Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution' took place in April 2010 in Hostětín (Czech Republic).

Board Meeting April/May 2010

Physical Board Meeting in Toulcuv Dvur, Prague - April 30th/May 2nd, 2010

Tamjdem - March 2010

YEE was the host organisation for a Tamjdem weekend in Toulcův dvůr, march 12th-14th. We organized this event in collaboration with Duha, another Prague-based NGO. Volunteers spent the whole weekend together, working in the Eco-Center, having fun and enjoying downtown Prague as well... as you can see in these pictures! ;)

Annual Meeting 2009

AM 2009 took place in Spain, Villamanin. 34 representatives of MOs were discussing about future of YEE.

YE 'Learning from each other'

The YE organised by Konopa with the help of YEE, focused on the exchange of methods between youth environmental organisations, using the method 'learning by doing'.

METHODS: TC Teamwork and Communication

The hand-outs from the TC 'Teamwork and communication' that were prepared by the trainers and used during the workshops. The TC 'Teamwork and communication' took place in April 2009 in Kamenice nad Lipou (Czech Republic).

Last Heroes and Heroines 2009

The youth exchange "Last heroes and heroines" was organized by YEE and hosted by AYCI (Active Young Citizenship Initiative) from Armenia. In March 2009 in Tshakhadzor,small village in Tavush region, young people from different youth organizations connected in YEE met. There were 30 participants from Poland, Czech Republic,Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia and Armenia. The idea of the exchange was to meet people from different countries and to provide the possibility to explore similarities and differences between cultures and take part in workshops about the intercultural learning.

Week(end) of the forest 2009

YEE decided to celebrate Week of the forest already for the third time with the action Tamdjem ("There we go" in Czech) - a voluntary weekend to help, improve and promote NGOs with noble aims organised by DUHA. We decided to help in contributing for the growth and improvement of the area of Toulcuv Dvur (where YEE office is located) so on the weekend of 17th-19th of April fifteen young and motivated volunteers came together for a refreshing work in a direct contact with nature. Some of the participants renovated a wooden path over the wetland in the area of the ecological center, while some of them helped to clean the orchard close to Toulcuv Dvur to make both of these places more attractive and comfortable for leisure time.

Board meeting March 2009

The meeting of board members was organised in March 2009 in Prague to discuss YEE restructuralization, Annual Meeting in Spain, Member Organizations’ situation, next Board Meetings and External Relations issues.

Board meeting November 2008

At the end of November the new YEE Board together with office staff prepared the first physical Board Meeting. All Board members elected at Annual Meeting in Romania came to Prague to meet and discuss crucial topics. The following main themes wereput on the agenda: 1) How to improve the work of the Board? 2) YEE Projects 3) Discussion about the next Annual Meeting 4) Restructuralisation of YEE 5) Strategies 6) External affairs.

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