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Learning from each other


What: Youth Exchange 'Learning from each other'

When: 3rd – 10th July 2009

Where: Hruba Skala, Czech Republic

Who: Konopa (Czech Member Organisation of YEE) with the help of YEE


In July 2009 youth environmental organisations from Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Greece and Czech Republic decided to meet and exchange methods of work, techniques and ideas with others using one simple rule - young people will pass the knowledge that they have and receive new information from other young participants. The organisation Konopa from Czech Republic with the help of YEE decided to organise this youth exchange to transmit the most successful and inventive practises to other organisations and to improve and to vary the everyday work of youth NGOs. Partner organisations decided to present things that are important for their work, specific methods and activities, like summer camps in the nature for children and youth (JNM, Belgium), guiding tours in the mountains (PTTK, Poland), direct actions and environmental manifestations (Faltbiologerna, Sweden), eco clubs (OPE, Portugal). They also touched topics that are important for their country, region - fire problems in Greece, forest industry in Sweden, biodiversity in Belgium. Participants were able to learn through various kinds of activities - lectures, presentations, practical workshops (recycled paper, workshops on handcrafting of hemp), games, walks, songs.
The area of the castle and surroundings full of sandstone rocks with fascinating shapes was inspiring for many activities during the youth exchange. The organising team prepared a treasure hunting during which groups had to find the rock resembling something, tell the story about one special place and create a piece of nature art. The Polish group was teaching us how to lead a group in the mountains and encouraged us to try this role, the Swedish group organised role-play activity for us in which we had to take the role of children going for an excursion to the forest and a game "hide and seek" in which the rules were switched so that only one person was hiding and others were searching. Many activities took place outside - to speak about nature in the nature.
The most important was to observe in how various ways it is possible to speak about nature and environment, to show it, understand it, perceive with different senses, appreciate it, protect and even sing about it. We will keep you updated about the ways how organisations started to use learnt methods in their work and how the process of ‘learning from each other' is continuing.


Partner organisations

Konopa (Czech Republic), JNM (Belgium), PTTK (Poland), Faltbiologerna (Sweden), OPE (Portugal), Youth Center of Korinthia (Greece)

Completed activities

  • Konopa - Czech Republic - hosting organisation - Educational  programme on hemp; workshop handcrafting of hemp materials
  • PTTK - Poland - a day of mountaineering - interactive workshop about practicing tourism in the mountain areas (How to be a guide - methodology of working with a tourist group)
  • Youth Center of Korinthia - Greece - presentation about the forest fire problem in Greece, quiz and art workshop about recycling
  • JNM - Belgium - JNM summer camps, biodiversity excursion
  • Faltbiologerna - Sweden - How to organize an environmental action; Exchange of environmental games
  • Organizacao para a Promocao Ecoclubes - Portugal - ecoclubs movement, workshop: environmental demonstrative event ‘Rafts in the river'

Financial support

The project was held in the frame of Youth in Action Programme. We would like to thank the European Commission for the financial support.



For more information about the project check YEE Newsletter 'Knowing your neighbours' July/August 2009


You can check the gallery with photos from the project.