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Training Course "Give international dimension to your projects"

When: 12-17 July 

Where: Toulcuv Dvur, Prague, Czech Republic

Who: Youth and Environment Europe

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Project description:

The training course was created for environmental youth organisations who work actively with their local communities and would like to transfer their successful local projects to international level. They are interested in organising international projects with other organisations and would like to build future partnerships during this training course.

During the training course the participants shared information about their organisations and successful projects they organised before. The participants also had the chance to look into the topic of quality of youth work and quality of project development. There were also sessions dedicated to project planning which allowed the participants to build new partnerships and develop project ideas together.

As a follow-up we are planning to develop the project ideas which were created during the project. 

Impressions from the participants:

"The Training course "Give international dimension to youth projects" was developed in a very proactive way, where I had the opportunity to learn most of all from all the participants. The working groups and the tasks for the different working groups, through the support of organizers and trainers, helped me in understanding the projects that we are organizing in local level and how they are similar in aim and how they can be developed in an upper level, and give them international dimension. I am happy that I had the opportunity for being familiar with the local and international dimension of so many projects and to train my skills and mind in thinking more deeply and more analytically for all the process of project development, from the beginning till the end of it." Lika Hakani, EDEN Center

"TC "Giving international dimension to your projects" left me feeling amazed at the scale of projects which are realistic. My own local project experience seems hardly relevant since, but while humbling my experiences, it also instructed participants on the sensible steps for expansion of the activity's scope. Not only did the course empower individuals, but gave a platform for effective collaboration with the other participants." Gavin Pate, FOJ-Aktiv

Aim and objectives:

The aim of the training course:
To develop youth workers' competences which will allow them to transfer local youth projects to international level; to create new partnerships on environmental projects.


  • To share best practices of implemented environmental local projects and develop capacities to transfer these projects to international level.
  • To raise the level of practical skills and competences necessary for managing international projects.
  • To provide information about funding opportunities for international projects.
  • To build new partnerships for future international environmental projects.

Participating organisations:

  • YEE (Czech Republic)
  • BALTA DABA (Latvia)
  • Biodiversa (Spain)
  • Eco-Unesco (Ireland)
  • EDEN Center (Albania)
  • FOJ-Aktiv (Germany)
  • FYCA (Armenia)
  • Ipso Jure (Ukraine)
  • Khazer (Armenia)
  • Mine Vaganti (Italy)
  • OPE (Portugal)
  • SAEM (Georgia)
  • Stepanavan Youth Center (Armenia)
  • Argonauta (Croatia)
  • Ecouri Verzi (Romania)
  • OA PTTK (Poland)
  • Young Researchers of Serbia (Serbia)
  • Hnuti Brontosaurus (Czech Republic)
  • Out of the Box (Belgium)
  • AYA (Russia)


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