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Study session "Exploring gender equality in environmental projects"

When: 5-12 March 2017

Where: European Youth Center, Strasbourg, France

Who: Youth and Environment Europe


Project description:

YEE believes that the topic of gender equality is of great importance to all young Europeans. As our network consists of environmental organisations, very often the topic of inclusion and gender equality is not focused on or considered. We would like to introduce the change in the attitude of environmental youth organisations with this study session - by exploring the topic of gender in youth work and specifically in environmental projects. We would like to draw the attention of our member organisations that gender issues are always present in any kind of youth work. With this project we looked into ways on how to include gender perspective and gender mainstreaming in our future projects. We have done so by sharing our experience and with the support of external experts that are active in the field of gender equality.

Aims and objectives:

The aim:

To explore the topic of gender equality and gender perspective in environmental youth projects and the ways of addressing this topic in work of environmental youth organisations.

The objectives:

  • To share the realities and experience of gender issues in various European countries;
  • To learn more about gender mainstreaming, especially in youth work (what it is, why it is needed, how it can be done);
  • To share experience in organising environmental projects and explore them from the gender perspective;
  • To discover and think of the ways of introducing gender mainstreaming in environmental youth projects;
  • To work on the ways how environmental projects can tackle gender issues.


Report of the study session


The study session 'Exploring gender equality in environmental projects' was funded by and organised in co-operation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe and European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe.