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TC about multiplying in Spain

What: Training Course about multipying

When: August 2009

Where: Spain

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The main theme of the project was:

- how to multiply the knowledge in a youth organisation

The "transitional" nature of youth work implies a very regular turnover of volunteers and staff in the organisations active in this field, especially those making training on a sporadic and voluntary basis. The activity addressed the needs of youth organisations and other youth work institutions to have competent and autonomous volunteers and staff capable of facilitating training and education processes for their membership needs.

The goals were the following:

- to improve the knowledge of young people from the youth organisations in order to carry trainings with multicultural youth groups
- to develop participants' awareness and skills about organising the follow ups
- to give them an opportunity to collaborate at the European level
- to explain what is to be a multiplier and how to act after this project in their organisation.

The training course increased the youth participation in global European process and developed European citizenship through their participation in European activities, gave equal opportunities for youth people to take part in the future of Europe and raised awareness about cultural diversity in intercultural understanding, bringing people from different corners of Europe. This was done through various workshops and information given to them. In the training course we showed the participants various methods of non formal education and how to apply them in their activities, as well as how to be a multiplier of the activities. In one part of the program we focused on how to multiply and how to do it well.

We are making youth work to provoke the change in the mind of the people, so we need to reach as many people as possible, ensuring that quality standards of youth activities are followed up and not finished just with the project. During ten days of the project we promoted exchange amongst the best ways to reach the participants and to promote the participation between them and their organsations, as well information about founding opportunities were giving to implement their activities. Giving new points of view for the participation in groups and in European contest.

During the project, there were special workshops dedicated to deal with intercultural learning, working in international groups. We also iniciated international evenings and Spanish evening where people from the village came and joined the activities in order to meet people and show Spanish culture.

We prepared workshops and activities which will fulfil the following aspects:

- Raising awareness about cultural diversity in intercultural understanding.
- Identify the key characteristics and qualities of an effective trainer
- Understand and explain the role of the trainer
- Articulate and utilize a wide range of training tools and techniques
- Identify the range of issues involved in preparing a training program
- Explain a number of ways of handling difficult situations which might arise during training
- Understand and explain the basic principles of the theory of different learning styles
- Plan, prepare and present individual and group presentations
- Identify the purpose of evaluating training, and some ways of doing this
- Identify a range of sources of high quality resources and materials relevant to training youth leaders
- How to be a multiplier


15 different countries of the CoE.

Financial support:

The project was organised with the financial support of European Youth Foundation.