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YEE Annual Meeting 2010 and TC 'How should I start'

When: 8th – 15th August 2010

Where: Josefov - Adamov, Czech Republic

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We decided to combine the TC 'How should I start' with our Annual Meeting in order to make the meeting more effective and useful and to strenghten the cooperation within members of our network. Before the official opening of the AM we organized special 5 preparatory days during which we prepared this training course - sessions and workshops about: project management (all the activities necessary for a successful project starting with the initial idea, project description, planning of activities, action plan, how to find partners for projects - call for partners, fundraising for projects, intercultural cooperation).

The purpose of this TC was to support organisations and to train people in order to make them capable of taking the practical arrangements of activities (how to develop a project and be able to put it into practice), to share knowledge how to organize international events, to generate partnerships between partner organizations and youth workers, and to foster exchange of ideas and techniques among young people working in the field of the youth work.



For the information about every day programme, check the AM Diary:



Mesrop Avetysian (AYCI, Armenia), Francesco Ballone (YEE), Paulo De Morais (OPE, Portugal), Katka Hanačíková (Baobaby, Czech Republic), Adriána Harnúšková (YEE), Kyrylo Ivliev (MELP, Ukraine), Nazik, Khalafyan (FYCA, Armenia), Nino Kheladze (ASA, Georgia), Anne Kollien (DJN, Germany), Monika Kotulak (OA PTTK, Poland), Adéla Kulstrunková (HB, Czech Republic), Lidia Krinova (EcoCenter Zapovedniks, Russia), Filipe Magalhães (OPE, Portugal), Ermelinda Mahmutaj (EDEN, Albania), Gayane Muradova (GYEM/SAEM, Georgia), Maia Nebieridze (Studio RE, Georgia), Kristýna Ondřejová (HB, Czech Republic), Irena Oupicová (HB, Czech Republic), Mariana Petreska (DEM, Macedonia), Jana Prochowski (DJN, Germany), Michal Ruman (Konopa, Czech Republic), Olga Shestopalova (LUGA, Russia), Arsen Simonyan (SYC, Armenia), Michal Švec (YEE), Gemma Tracey (LEWE, UK), Anna Yeliseyeva (MELP, Ukraine), Anna Zhdanova (LUGA, Russia), Gjoko Zoroski (DEM, Macedonia), Gosia Zubowicz (YEE)



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