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Training Course 'Youth Ambassadors for Sustainable Living'

What: Training Course "Youth Ambassadors for Sustainable Living, Renewable Energy and Climate Change Dimensions"

When: 17th – 23rd July 2010

Where: Pavlograd, Ukraine

Who: Youth Environmental League of Prydniprovya (MELP) and Youth and Environment Europe (YEE)




Another project was successfully run by Youth Environmental League of Prydniprovya (MELP) in cooperation with Youth and Environment Europe (YEE). This time it was a training course devoted to the topic of renewable energy and climate change. 17 participants from various European countries came together in Pavlograd, Ukraine, in the period from the 17th to the 23rd of July to listen to a range of very interesting lectures given by 3 experienced experts from Italy, Great Britain and the Ukraine, and to discuss climate change and renewable energy issues on a contemporary level.

The 7 days programme of the training was made up in a way so that each day differs from each other and gives participants an opportunity to divert their attention from one aspect of the issue to another, which undoubtedly made the training more interesting and lively.

In the framework of the training participants had an opportunity not only to participate in lectures on the discussed topics, but also to visit some rural areas where varied patterns of sustainable development, farming and living are used and to meet the people who are working there asking them all the questions they are interested in.

Quite a big portion of time was of course dedicated to intercultural learning and exchange. Thus international party and some other outdoor activities in which participants could get to know each other, the culture of other people and of course to represent their own one, were organized within the entire training.

Organizers of the project hope that the project was run well and all the participants enjoyed time spent in the Ukraine in a pleasant company of the other young motivated people, and also that all those participated got knowledge which could be put into practice in their further work and researches.


The main aim of the training was to share experience and practice success examples gained by trainers and organizers of the training in the sphere of renewable energy, climate change and sustainable development with the participants of the training. At the same time the aim was not only to share knowledge but also give practical advices on possibility to develop sustainable patterns and to encourage participants to attempt to introduce sustainable development in their own countries.

Participating countries

Armenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine

Partner organisations

Participants Evaluation

“I think we have reached all our aims. The training course was very useful. The theme was Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy and I got all the answers I had according to this question… everything was well-done.”
Zaruhi Stepanyan (Armenia)

“All the topics were on schedule… I had space to participate as much as I wanted… Trainers mostly supported and facilitated participants in learning process very much in the way of including the participants in discussions, taking care about every comment…”
Esther Vallado (Spain)

Participants Evaluation

If you are interested in the training course and you would like to know more about it, read the report of its main coordinator and YEE External Relation Officer Kyrylo Ivliev:

K. Ivliev's Report on the TC Youth Ambassadors for Sustainable Living

YEE Newsletter Septembe/October



Financial support

The project was support by the European Youth Foundation – the Council of Europe.