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Campaign 'Together for a Green Europe'

When: January - June 2012

Where: Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Russia

Who: Youth and Environment Europe
Project description:

'Together for a Green Europe' is an international information and education campaign focused on environmental education for children and youth. The campaign running from January till June 2012 will consist of diverse local eco activities in international context encouraging children and youth to take care of European nature, their living environment.

The campaign will take place at primary and secondary schools as children don't have there any environmental education and will be run by young volunteers from environmental NGOs.

The campaign will be coordinated and prepared by a group of young people from each of the 7 participating countries from 7 countries (Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Russian Federation).


The aim of our campaign is to activate young people in their local communities and show them the purpose of active citizenship. We aim to encourage young people to be active in the field of environmental education for young people and children. We specifically aim:

  • To promote environmental human rights among children and young people;
  • To raise awareness of sustainable lifestyle in Europe;
  • To share experience and knowledge about environmental education on the international level;
  • To provide workshops on environmental issues to primary and secondary school students and introduce them to non-formal education;
  • To promote environmental awareness among youth, give sufficient information about nature, learn and respect it;
  • To promote active participation of young people and children at local level in the field of environmental protection.

The campaign is focused on children and youth.

The campaign will consist of:

  • Preparatory phase (January-February 2012, online)
  • Campaign at schools (March-May 2012)
  • Trash art & Photo exhibition, Movie screening, Organic Food degustation (June 2012)
  • Evaluation (June 2012, online)

The campaign at schools will include: 1 workshop per week about different environmental topics (ecosystem, biodiversity, nature conservation, wildlife, recycling, fresh water and health, food chain, etc.) and excursion to nature.

We will produce informative brochures, guidelines about environmental education in 7 languages, movie from the campaign and photo exhibition showing the results of the campaign.

Participating organisations:

  • YEE, Czech Republic
  • Junge Kraft, Russia
  • Stepanavan Youth Center, Armenia
  • Alliance For Society Advancement, Georgia
  • Youth for Society, Latvia
  • R.E.E.s. Rare Earth Elements - Terre Rare, Italy
  • Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association, Romania

Financial support


This project was funded by the European Youth Foundation - the Council of Europe.

2012 - 40th anniversary of the European Youth Foundation.