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Training Course 'Youth participation for environment'

When: Training Course 13-19 July 2013

Where: Svycarna, Josefov, Adamov, Czech Republic

Who: Hnuti Brontosaurus (Czech Republic) and YEE

TC Youth Participation for the Environment 2013 Tc participation 2 Tc praticipation group

The Training Course 'Youth Participation for Environment' was especially designed for youth leaders in YEE's member organisations.

The course focused on methods that motivate young people to participate in environmental actions. The participants were trained in how to attract youth to their organsiations by appealing to the needs of their target groups. They shared ideas on how to increase the visibility of their projects and inspire greater action to protect the environment.

The programme included practical examples and group work to ensure participants practiced techniques. A dedicated session about funding opportunities informed participants about financial and logistical possibilities.

It was also an excellent opportunity for the YEE secretariat to discover the current needs of its member organisations.

Impressions from participants:

Training on Youth Participation for Environment was really a nice chalenge and fruitfull experience for me.
The content and how it as connected during all days, helped me to create a new perspective about participation, specially for youth people and to understand better my mission and role inside my organization in Portugal. The non-formal methodology was, once again, the best way to get the main purpose of the training and to promote efficient action. After some days, already in my country, I feel the knowledge is already flowing in my actions and behavior. I feel also the need to multiply this effect. I felt also that YEE Member Organizations connected better and a really nice input of good energy was taken among YEE.

So, I'm really happy with this successed experience. Now, let's put it in pratice... we have lot of work to do! ;)

Ana Lopes, Portugal

I feel very refreshed after this TC. Although we had only few hours of sleep, the group and the discussions gave me energy, strength and motivation. The group was amazing - so many nice and very active people, personalities carved by YEE!
I really like our volunteer help activities for the Hnuti Brontosaurus Center as we did not only 'take' in this week, but also 'gave' something. Apart from thinking and concentrating all day, the physical work was a nice change.
Happy Birthday YEE and thanks for helping us (with TCs like this one) to become more professional as leaders to make a change! YEE encourages us young people to grow and to act, and this is of unmeasurable value! Participation makes you feel good - whil giving and taking. So stop fear - start action - now :)

Anja Wilken, Germnay

The TC" Youth Participation for Environment", was a very necessary training. It was an opportunity to be focused more on the strength and weakens of our organization by doing an analyze of the NGO and of our self. The TC gave the first inputs that how we have to focus our work, how we have to change or follow the strategies and how to understand and to reach the people which are of the basis of everything that we do. The training was not only an opportunity to develop our knowledge but most of all to be enriched with more friends, ideas and desire to collaborate with each other. Thank you!!

Lira Hakani, Albania

The aim of this training course is to train youth leaders on how to strengthen the participation of young people in environmental volunteering activities.
To reach this aim we set the following objectives:

  • to train methods of involving and motivating young people
  • to discover various ways and innovate new methods of participation of young people working on environmental issues (projects, local actions, European level)
  • to discuss ways of making impact of actions bigger and making it attractive for young people, to discover new ways of visibility
  • to train youth leaders in skills of managing volunteers
  • to share good practices on youth participation in environmental matters
  • to discover the ways in which the EU supports activities of young people and the ways of their involvement
  • to initiate future European projects based on youth volunteering for environment.

Participating organisations:

  • YEE, Czech Republic
  • Hnuti Brontosaurus, Czech Republic
  • Libertas International, Spain
  • OPE, Portugal
  • Balta Daba, Latvia
  • FOJ-Aktiv e.V., Germany
  • EO Rhodope, Bulgaria
  • Asociatia Ecouri Verzi, Romania
  • Mine Vaganti, Italy
  • ECO-UNESCO, Ireland
  • Young Researchers of Serbia, Serbia
  • Gutta-Club, Moldova
  • AYA, Russia
  • Environmental Youth Club, Russia
  • Khazer, Armenia
  • EPER Center, Albania
  • EDEN Center, Albania
  • Stepanavan Youth Center, Armenia
  • Ipso jure, Ukraine


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