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Interview for STEP - Igor Nolchevski & Blazhe Josifovski (Macedonia)

Members of Let's do it Macedonia (Ajde Makedonija).

Igor and Blazhe are organising activities for waste management in the country and do other voluntary work.

How do you, as an individual, participate in the life of your community?

Igor: I am in more organisations that help to make my community more organised. I’m in Let’s do it Macedonia to take care of the wasteland.  I`m in Lions International in a Leo club аs secretary. Lions International is humanitarian organisation that helps people in need. Also as a member of mountain climbing club we are building a mountain house that all the climbers and hikers can come to in the mountain of Skopska Crna Gora. I constantly share information on social media how people in my country can find jobs, trainings, information. And finally I’m taking part in protests for bicycles in city and having more space for them.

Bazhe: I’m political being :D (as would Aristotle would say). I’m part of Ajde Makedonija (Let’s do it Macedonia) and give the most of my efforts for societal change there. When it is needed I also take part in demonstrations. The past 2 years I was protesting almost everyday against the corrupt Government in Macedonia.

I always vote and I lead petitions. In 2012 I created a petition for free bus ride for students. It was a major success: more than 12.000 people signed in and in 2015 students finally got free bus ride in Skopje.

Which environmental topic interests you the most and in which way(s) do you take action for it?

Igor: I'm interested in air pollution and the human impact on the environment. Now in Let's do it Macedonia we are working how to stop the production of waste by making more eco-friendly packaging and ways to sell products without packaging. Mostly we are interested in plastic and the types of plastic the companies use to pack the products.

Bazhe: Ajde Makedonija works on the waste issue in Macedonia. We target two strategic areas, food waste and zero waste. We developed a strategic plan for the organisation that will guide our actions on these fields.

Are you familiar with the topic of e-participation? For which reason(s) would you see e-participation useful for young people? 

Igor: I know about E-study, so basically e-participation is working online on some platform that organisations use to connect more people from different parts of the world. Yes, I find it very useful because we the young people must connect in order to make some changes in the world and the internet is the best way, because sometimes we have visas, borders, traveling costs.

Bazhe: I believe it is good addition to the actual participation. E-participation, I believe, is useful for young people first and foremost because they spend so much time on electronics so it is most comfortable for them like that.

Also, with e-participation it is easier for young people to communicate and share information fast.