Here you can read articles, news, interviews etc. connected to topics of Horizon 2020 project "STEP - Societal and political engagement of young people in environmental issues".

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During Sziget festival in August 2017, we invited young people to join our "STEP into the camera" activity. We asked them about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and which are the most important ones in their opinion. We 'caught' a lot of smiles and opinions, while talking with most of the youngsters in the photos about the goals they chose.

STEP wants to engage youth in the climate change discussion. You can express your opinion through a new dialogue-contest.

STEP up and make a change! Prizes await those who will STEP up and share their opinion.

4 simple steps to participate in the contest:

1. Enter and register in the platform
2. Select the "Step EU Pilot"
3. Select the "Tackling Climate Change" dialogue and reply to the questionnaire
4. Share the dialogue link to social media and include the hashtags below:
#Step4ClimateChange & #iSteppedUp

Deadline: October 20th (23:59 CET)

In August 2017 YEE team attended Sziget festival in order to spread the word and inform young people about STEP project, discuss youth participation, sustainable development and environmental issues. 

During one of the activities that were prepared, we asked young people to share positive environmental changes in their countries. We got many examples from entire Europe and now we are glad to share it with you.

We encourage you to share positive changes from your countries! Send your good stories to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





With the 12th of August as the International Youth Day, STEP awards Youth involvement throughout this month. We invite young people across Europe to STEP up and make their opinions known at EU level!

How? By joining the STEP contest!

There are 3 simple steps to follow to participate in the contest:

  1. Download the app “” (on Google Play or AppStore) and register in the platform
  2. Once on the platform, select the “STEP EU pilot"
  3. Click on the dialogue “17 Global Sustainable Development Goals” and let us know which ones are more important to you

The winners will get unique prizes, courtesy of 27 Wooden Accessories. The contest will be open until August 31st 2017 (23:59 CET).

Gezi Park is a small park in Taksim/Istanbul. The park is separated by concrete barriers from heavy traffic. Living in a metropolis sometimes really bothers people as the city is really noisy, crowded and the city that never sleeps. So they can go there for a walk, have a good time, take a breath freely and last but not least, become more aware of the importance of nature.

In 2013, the Turkish government announced that the park is going to be converted into the mall. After the announcement, particularly young people in Turkey started to express their opinions about the construction via social media, announcing that they will protest against it in some way. It was one of the biggest protests in Turkish history in terms of the number of protesters and the impact on society. The event can be considered from various aspects as it had huge political and social impact in the country.