This month two of YEE board members attended the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum, which took place on 22-24 November 2018 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Kristīne Štikāne (Member Organisations Officer) and Tiarnan O'Doherty  (External Relations Officer) represented YEE at this event.

Welcome to the new issue of the YEE Newsletter. October has been a very busy month for our members. Catch up on the news from our members Argonauta, Umbrella, YRS, and EDEN this month. 

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Welcome to the new issue of the YEE Newsletter. September is the month of new beginnings, and that counts for us as well! We have new blood in the YEE Office, have to say goodbye to our most experienced colleague and we tried a new way of collecting free food. Furthermore, you can find out which member organisation was there from the very beginning of YEE and what's happening in two member organisations in Albania and Armenia.

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It's time to say goodbye. After 10 years, just before my 35th birthday. Yes, me and YEE were 'born' the same year. I've made a long way in YEE – from EVS volunteer, to EVS coordinator, Main Coordinator and finally Consultant.

When I arrived to YEE office on the first day, when I saw this tiny office full of old furniture and I got a first task to make 3 magazines in 4 weeks about the topics I didn't know anything about, I could have never guessed that I would stay here so long. From that moment we did so many great things with so many great people. Projects that were bringing a change, that were important and made other people know more, act differently and change themselves.

Welcome to the new issue of YEE e-Newsletter. August has been very busy month for YEE! We have a new board and we are saying goodbye to Coline and Cristian, our EVS volunteers for 2017-2018. Take a look at their articles and personal projects. You can also find an article from the training course “Green Voice of Youth in Media” and news from our members EDEN Center and ECO-UNESCO.

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