My EVS is coming to an end! What to say? This was a very busy year, full of discoveries, learning, friendship and emotions. I gained in confidence, I learnt tuns of new things and I met great people from all around Europe and beyond.

When I started my EVS, I had no idea that I would work with a cow, explore deep caves in wild Moravia, be a facilitator in a training course, learn how to cut wood with a chainsaw and make such close friends. I am really thankful to YEE for this huge opportunity and for giving me the space to try new things, to acquire new skills and to grow up.

I perfectly remember the day I arrived in Toulcův Dvůr for the first time.

It was the end of August 2017 (August 31st, to be precise) and I got out of the bus 177 (I can now say my dear bus 177: I took it every morning at 9.46am from Zahradni Mesto, direction Chodov!); I was wearing short pants and sleepers – bad choice, since the air in Czech Republic was way chiller than in Italy!

Welcome to the new issue of YEE e-Newsletter. July has been very busy month for YEE. Scroll down to catch up on the news from our network:  we have new publication and we are saying goodbye to a office team member. You can also read reports from the training course “Youth for environmental future” and YEE Annual Meeting 2018. There are also interesting news from our members EDEN Center, Argonauta and ECO-UNESCO.

Find the new issue here.

It seems that now it is my turn to say goodbye to YEE! I joined YEE office 6 years ago first as an EVS volunteer and then moved on to stay and work here as a Main Coordinator.

I am very grateful for this experience! Working in YEE gave me so much - I worked on so many interesting and diverse projects, visited different countries, worked with so many people. I learned a lot and gained skills which I will be using in all my future jobs and during my whole life. I also made many friends from all over Europe - these are people with whom I worked but also had a lot of fun. And this is the beauty of YEE for me - that it gives so many opportunities for young people from any background. It allows to try out new things, gain work experience which is not always available for young people and meet like-minded people. I thank YEE for that and I really hope it will continue supporting young people in Europe who are passionate about protecting our planet.

YEE held the training course of “Youth for environmental future” at Slunakov, an ecological center in Czech Republic, between 8th to 15th of July. YEE gathered 30 youth workers and young people from Europe to learn about environmental decision-making and how it is conducted on different levels: from local to international, to discover more about concrete international frameworks and explore different ways of bringing them back to local reality. The training course was the second activity of the project “Active youth-better environment!”