Exhibition_1_GeorgiaOn 9th June, in order to close the campaign we organised the photo exhibition. We decided to make it in the schoolyard. We tied up cord and hung up the printed photos on it. Beforehand we printed approximately 60 photos (15 photos from Partner countries and the rest was taken during the campaign in Georgia). The process was very interesting and funny. The participants prepared everything by themselves. They cooked some delicious crepes from organic products (honey, egg, different type of fruits and etc.) and with other organic food/drinks presented during the exhibition.Exhibition_2_Georgia

Participants invited their friends, teachers, and parents to make a small presentation about the campaign. At the exhibition each participant tried to answer visitors' questions and made some comments about the photos.

The other pupils also showed their interest to have such activities in their classes. The participants themselves were very sad that the project and the classes were over. They hope to have a chance to participate in such projects again in the future.

Exhibition_3_Georgia Excursion_4_Georgia


Excursion_1_GeorgiaAs part of the campaign, on 2nd June, 17 children from the school in Kaspi went for an excursion. It was the most joyful part of the campaign. Children waited for this day since the beginning of the project. As Georgia has wide biodiversity, we decided to take participants who live in the east part of Georgia, to the west part of the country, which is famous for its national reserves.

Introduction of the campaign for pupils and ‘Ecosystem and people' workshop in Czech Republic

1st_Workshop_012In the 2nd week of March fifteen first grade pupils of the small Elementary school Heřmanice u Oder, Czech Republic aimed to learn what is the campaign about and to realize the international context, to make connection with international partners and to realize the ecological threats and problems, human impact on the Ecosystem.
In order to achieve these aims, pupils filled in the prepared personal leaflet about campaign. There were several small tasks to do, like: sign your leaflet, make a translation of the title "Together for a Green Europe", sort out a puzzle map of green leaf Europe and colour it, which countries are involved in the campaign? Colour the flags and fill their names with missing letters. Asking question: What is in front of us? We put together the calendar of the campaign.

There was also the Cinema/World café - After watching the movie "Home" pupils brainstormed about the content of the movie, and created Mind Maps.
In the end of the workshop we made a short video greeting consisting of pronouncing the English title of the campaign "Together for a Green Europe" and we posted it on Facebook profile of our school and the campaign.

Whole procedure was top up with showing the European countries on the globe, degustation of Georgian green tea made in Russian samovar.

FOTO: http://www.hermaniceuoder.cz/images/TogetherForAgreenEurope/FOTO 1st Workshop.rar

VIDEO: http://www.hermaniceuoder.cz/images/TogetherForAgreenEurope/VIDEO%20Introduction.RAR

2nd_Workshop_001In the 3rd week of March fifteen first grade pupils of the small Elementary school Heřmanice u Oder, Czech Republic aimed to connect the changing Ecosystems and Biodiversity with existing problems and threats on our Earth.
In order to visualise it, they covered big balloon, diameter of one meter, with paper and flour glue. They decorated this spherical encrustation with pictures from journals, nature, animals, humans, industrial issues and small toys like cars, animals, humans to make it more three-dimensional.
Pupils used the FaceBook profile of the school (http://www.facebook.com/zs.hermaniceuoder) and campaign group to share photos and videos from the workshop realization.

FOTO: http://www.hermaniceuoder.cz/images/TogetherForAgreenEurope/FOTO%202nd%20Workshop.rar

VIDEO: http://www.hermaniceuoder.cz/images/TogetherForAgreenEurope/VIDEO%20Together.rar

pic_6_ItalyOn April 3rd, there was the first meeting with expert during the campaign in Italy. The workshop took place at the secondary school of Minturno and 11 pupils took part.
For the next 4 workshops we changed the institute so we had to start with several getting to know each other activities to build-up the group. After the group building activities we stepped to the presentation of the campaign. Through visual facilitation and showing some photos from the previous workshops, we explained what was already done.
We used the material produced in the previous workshop to define sustainability. After a round of questions we stepped into the topic involving the expert Mario. Mario is part of a national Italian organization called "Fare Verde" and he explained some sustainable practices using a power point presentation.
We passed from "on tap" soap to washable diapers, from examples of energy reduction in our daily life to ways of using less water during one day. Pic_9_Italy
Participants had a lot of questions, mainly about products. There was a very interesting discussion about the "first personal step: your ideas for sustainability". Participants were very interested in the topic but they confessed that it will be very difficult for them as "children" to act in a sustainable way, mainly for the choice of the products to buy. A huge gap coming out from this meeting with the expert have been the influence and the resistances that participants will have to face when implementing sustainable choices within their everyday social environment (family, school, gym, etc.).
After this huge and very important discussion it was time to cut the brain activity and to step into nature with senses. We experimented nature by touching it being blind. We discovered some other important meaning of respecting our planet and its creatures by being "less heavy" for them. We have only one planet and we have to take care of it!