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Ocean 2012

Ocean 2012 is a global campaign with member organisations located across three continents. YEE is proud to also be a member.

The aim of the campaign is simple:Ocean 2012 outside EU parliment

- Reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy to stop overfishing
- End destructive fishing practices
- Deliver fair and equitable use of healthy fish stocks for future generations.

The chance to amend these policies only presents itself once every ten years, the next time an opportunity for change comes along it will be too late. The following page contains a host of links and information about getting involved, potential activities to raise awareness, videos to inform you on the current situation and email address to help apply pressure where it is needed.

Join the struggle to end EU exploitation of the ocean, take the first step in ensuring the future of our ocean by following the below links:


Potential activities for hosting an awareness day in your organisation

Letter to YEE member organisations

Video Links