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Insecta Rules - Biological relevance of insects is a new international campaign started by YEE's member organisation OPE.insecta rules

Dates: November 2014 - November 2015

The main aim of the campaign is to alert to the biological and ecological importance of insects and help those who participate in the project to propose and implement solutions in order to protect the chosen species.

The objectives of the campaign:

  • to give the participants the chance to study and raise their knowledge about a specific insect species or a family of species;
  • to promote activities and strategies to make the public aware of the studied species as well as the challenges and solutions that the species may need in order to continue to flourish in its natural habitat;
  • to promote the protection of small and specific habitats that the chosen species may need in order to complete important steps of its life cycle;
  • to gather and collect the information for further use not only in awareness campaigns but also as a basis for conservation efforts.

Every organisation is invited to join the campain! Each organisation can choose the insect and raise awareness about its importance and well-being.

Timeline of the campaign:

  • Selection of insect species.
  • Investigation of the species.
  • Creative actions and activities to raise the awareness about the chosen species.
  • Gathering information about the insect for further usage.