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logoforarticleIn 2015 YEE has joined the #FutureIsClean campaign. This campaign is initiated by the Pilots of the Solar Impulse 2 Plane that is attempting to fly around the world run solely by solar energy and with a zero fuel plane.

"Solar Impulse took-off on the 9th of March in Abu Dhabi and is since then getting tremendous media attention. This project stands as a symbol for our call for action: if technological solutions exist to make an airplane fly day and night without fuel, imagine the potential of similar technologies in helping us to achieve on the ground and in our daily lives energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions. Solar Impulse has already made history breaking several records for a solar flight, also including the record for longest solo flight ever.

The #FutureIsClean campaign aims at spreading the message of Solar Impulse focusing on the introduction of Clean Technologies to our daily lives.

We want people to want concrete actions for a clean future, and that is why in December 2015, the campaign will travel to Paris, where the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) will be held and a global agreement on climate change will be hopefully reached. This conference will shape the future of our planet and that is why we need to take a strong stance for fighting against climate change and reaching a better tomorrow. COP21 will be the perfect opportunity to show world leaders that people care about this topic."

YEE is yet another voice added to the choirs of many other organisations worldwide that support the campaign and aim to spread the word. Our goal to encourage youth to be involved in environmental protection fits with the vision of the #FutureIsClean campaign and that is why we are delighted to be a part of it. Furthermore, as a platform of many European youth organisations that care about the environment, we are looking forward to the potential involvement of our members.

Therefore, if you would like to see concrete results and turn efforts into action, join us by helping our message fly around the world. You can do this by making simple Paper Plane videos, while using the hashtag #futureisclean and sharing it on social media.


Wach YEE's video and add your voice:



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