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The Right to Be(e) actions 2013-2014

Follow the news about planting actions here and get inspired.

"Vanishing of the Bees" movie screening

DSC01908On the 3rd of July 2014 YEE organized a screening of the documentary "Vanishing of the Bees". The event was aiming to promote awareness on the disappearance of massive colonies of bees all around the world. After the documentary the participants were invited to take part in an informal discussion in a friendly atmosphere with snacks and drinks.

If you like bees, you can also organise an event to raise awareness about the problem of our small friends!



Spontaneous Plantings across Europe

Right to Bee flag websiteYEE members continue to make small planting actions across Europe to support the survival of bees. Every action makes a difference! Here's a photo of The Right to Be(e)'s flag flying proudly in the garden.




Family Planting in Walmsburg, Germany

The Right to BEE Family Planting Day in GermanyOn a beautiful sunny day in April 2013 I had a small planting action in the little village Walmsburg. Two of my brothers, my mother and I, planted some bee-flowers at the edge of our farm. We sowed Lacy Facelia, Calendula and Malva in the ground. We gave them water and now we are looking every day after them and hoping that they will grow up and bloom in a few month and give nectar to the bees.

Iolanthe Kappe



Earth Day: Bee Info and Planting workshop in Prague, Czech Republic

Earth Day Bees stallOn 20 April 2013 the YEE team took part in the Earth Day celebrations on Toulcuv Dvur.  We organised an informational stand with interesting games, facts and cartoons about bees. We also painted small bees on our faces and everyone who wanted to have one too.

The highlight of our day was sowing the seeds of Lacy phacelia (or Svazenka vraticolista in Czech). These flowers are favourites among local bees who like to pollinate them and produce tasty honey. The planting was very easy and a lot of fun: we just took handfuls of seeds and scattered them around the small field on the farm. Then we only had to work a bit with a rake and hope that the seeds will stay in the soil and grow to be nice purple flowers.

See the photogallery here.