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Jessica profileJessica Massucco



12 months

Three years ago I was in my University town writing my final papers and deciding what to do with life. I was studying Literature and I loved the Arts but I wanted to support environmentalism. I also loved Central and Eastern Europe and wanted to explore. Somehow I made this combination work. I volunteered in Ukraine and Romania and worked part time for a charity based in Zagreb. When I turned 22 I went back to London and interned for an environmental justice NGO but I missed Europe. I searched Google endlessly for positions but there were few possibilities.
When I discovered EVS at YEE it seemed a small miracle. YEE combines all my previous experience, grants me creative freedom and connects me to a great network of young activists. It is simultaneously professional and liberating and I feel lucky to be here. I had never heard of EVS before but I am grateful it exists. The financial security has provided me with a rare opportunity to continue doing the work I love.


Activities and Projects




Organic Food Beehives