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Daniela Para - Promotion and Publication Officer

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, My name is Daniela and I am from Moldova. I’m 19 years old and I study international economic relations. I am a hard-working and caring person, that loves nature, good music, tea and exploring new places.

Which YEE member organisation do you belong to? What are the main activities of your organisation?

I belong to Gutta-Club, which is a NGO from Moldova.  The main activities of the organisation are the environmental education of children and youth, the development of the third sector and social protection of children and youth. Its motto is "Gutta cavat lapidem!” – a drop can break a stone. Drop by drop can make an ocean, so step by step we can solve global environmental problems.

How did you get involved in YEE?

I got involved in YEE by participating at the training course “Be(e) The Change” in 2016.  I really enjoyed the project and the whole spirit and atmosphere of YEE.

What is YEE for you? 

For me, YEE is a unique network, which brings young and passionate people together, to cooperate and exchange ideas in order to protect the environment and to make the world we live in a better place.  

How do you see the future of YEE?

I am completely sure that the future of YEE is bright, as it will grow and develop further, attracting more organisations and implementing more projects in order to save the environment.

Why did you want to become a Board member of YEE? 

At first I had no intentions of becoming a Board member, but after being encouraged by some wonderful people I decided to give it a try. I see it as an opportunity to share my experience and to apply the knowledge that I already have, as well as a challenge and a chance to gain new skills.

What is your main aim as a Board member for 2017-2018?

The main aim is to contribute as much as possible to the development of YEE, to follow my work plan and to work closely with the whole board and office.

What can you bring to YEE as a new board member? 

I can bring my knowledge, skills and experience gained from working and organizing a lot of events and action in my NGO, as well as time and a lot of motivation to do something for the development and work of YEE, that will have an international impact.

Why do you care about the environment? What does the environment mean to you?

I care about the environment, because we are all part of it. This planet is our home, and we should love it and take care of it, but not just for ourselves, because our children will have to deal with the consequences of our actions (or inactions).