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Aram Mnatsakanyan - Treasurer

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Aram Mnatsakanyan, I am from town Yeghvard, Armenia. I’m 25 years old, have bachelor degree in macroeconomics, from 2014 I am working in a bank as a head of loan to deposit division of a branch, and the same time I am working in environmental NGO as an accountant.

Which YEE member organisation do you belong to? What are the main activities of your organisation?

I am representing "Yeghvard" Youth Ecological NGO. Our NGO is the only environmental organisation in Kotayk region. We are organising environmental events, projects and campaigns for local young people. Our projects are involving not only young people from Kotayk region but also from all regions of Armenia.

How did you get involved in YEE?

I got involved in YEE after 2015 when I was representing our organisation at the Annual Meeting, during that event I’ve met many positive and motivated people, who were really concerned about environment.

What is YEE for you?

For me and also for my organisation YEE is a loyal friend and trustful partner.

How do you see the future of YEE?

For the future I see YEE as a strong, powerful network with more integrated partners.

Why did you want to become a Board member of YEE?

I wanted to become a Board member because I had strong believe that I have a lot of things to learn and also knowledge and experience I can contribute to the network.

What is your main aim as a Board member in 2017-2018?

As a treasurer of the YEE I will try to find more funding for realization of our plans, and also ensure that the existing budget will be spent in a very optimal way.

What can you bring to YEE as a new Board member?

As it is getting more and more complicated for NGOs to find funds I will do my best to help YEE solving this issue.

Why do you care about the environment? What does the environment mean to you?

I care about environment because we have just one planet (so far) to live in. And protecting environment is easier than find another lovely planet, which will be as beautiful and caring as ours.