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Festivalpark's eco-mapping

Between August 2010 and April 2011 YEE implemented the project 'Environmental Audit‘. One of the phases of the project was to prepare local actions. As a part of Environmental Audit action plan of YEE office team, we went to a big festival area to realize an eco-mapping of the place on the 11th of May 2011.

In Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, there is a former army area, which is nowadays used for festivals, called Festivalpark. Events taking place there can be about music, wine or even car shows. A permanent staff is working there to prepare and maintain the area.

Eco-mapping is a tool that permits us to assess the impact on the environment of any kind of activity. The aim is to evaluate the most accurate actions to realize in order to lower the impact to its minimum, by taking in account the resources and possibilities of modification within the evaluated organization or place.

It has been a good occasion for us to use the method we learnt during the project 'Environmental Audit' and practised in YEE office. The site was much bigger than our office, and even though there was no festival going on while we were there, it permitted us to use EMAS tools in a deeper way than at home. Indeed, there were many more situations to assess than for our previous analysis. Chemicals were much more common there; risks for environment and safety were more evident; the use of energy was more important.

We evaluated different parts of the area: the site for stands and scenes, the stocks of material, the workstation of the staff and the offices. Thus we had some very different situations to analyze. However, thanks to the Eco-mapping methods, we were able to regroup the different situations where the environment is impacted in common topics: risks, water, energy, wastes, soil and chemicals.

Afterwards, the different impacts were prioritized and the most significant were selected to be solved by an action plan. We were there as consultants, thus we could only make propositions. However it seems that the staff of Festivalpark was interested by the situations we pointed out and the solutions we suggested. For example, the use of chemicals was done directly on the ground, with no containment basin, and we proposed them to put a plastic sheet on the ground when they use chemicals.

If you want more information about Environmental Audit project, please check its own page.

If you want to know more about the eco-mapping method, please check the booklet.

Mathieu Frediere
EVS volunteer at YEE