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Aljaz EVS profileAljaž,


2016/2017, 12 months

It all started in my childhood. I remember spending a lot of my free time outside, playing along rivers, on meadows and in forests, going for walks with my parents.

I briefly lost my interest for the outdoors in high school - but I guess we all enter a special phase in that time. My "environmental" comeback happened during my study years. I decided to study agronomy - a somewhat daring decision as I don't have an agricultural background. Studying agronomy really widened my horizons; I gained better understanding of environmental processes and human-environment interactions. My study years provided me with several working opportunities in different fields of environmental sciences (agriculture, forestry, marine biology) and sparked my passion for volunteering.

I was therefore very happy to get the opportunity to join YEE as an EVS volunteer, as it combines both of my current interests - how environmental organisations work and what the role of volunteerism is in environmentalism.

My EVS activities: