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Natalia2Natalia Luchko,


2012/2013, 12 months

I started volunteering in 2008 when I took part in the international workcamp in Czech Republic. I really liked the idea of meeting people from all over the world and at the same time doing something useful and interesting. After that I participated in several short-term workcamps and I became more interested in environmental topics as well.

At some point I thought that I could be a volunteer for a longer period of time so I decided to look for some EVS project.  But at this point I started working in an environmental NGO in Russia which was a very good experience because I learned a lot more about local and international activists and youth movement. And I was really lucky to take part in the training course and Annual Meeting of YEE in 2011 where I met a lot of inspirational people and of course YEE team. That's how I learned about YEE and EVS position here and after meeting and talking to Mathieu and Mercedes I realised that spending one year at YEE and Toulcuv Dvur would be a very good opportunity to learn more about environment, work of an European NGO and meet more driven and interesting people from different countries.

I came to Prague a little bit later but that made me even more excited about coming here and getting involved in various activities of YEE and Toulcuv Dvur.

I already took part in the following projects and activities:

upcycling water monitoring bees
office on arrival tamjdem