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Every year since 22 April 1970 simultaneously in 192 countries is celebrated the International Day of Earth. The aim of this day is to inform and energize populations so they will act to secure a healthy future for themselves and their children.

There are about 2000 ecovillages worldwide and around 250 in Russia. And about 2500  initiated projects. More and more people want to get involved in a creative movement. For many the thought of leaving grey towns and moving to the countryside to create a new alternative world is becoming more attractive.

The spring Council of Members (COMEM) of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) took place as usual in the business centre of Europe - a splendid and marvelous city Brussels, on April 20-21, 2012.

The European Youth Forum is a platform of 99 youth non-governmental organizations and national youth councils. The purpose of the meeting is stated in Article 2 of its Statutes. It is to organise studies, research, debates, seminars, meetings, publications, information or actions having the defence of Europes youth as a goal.

13-15 April, Prague, Czech Republic

"Hannibal ante Portas" in English means "Hannibal before the gates". The Roman senators would exclaim "Hannibal ante Portas" to express their fear or anxiety.

All over Europe the demands on a different future for agriculture can be heard...

150 heads of state. 50,000 accredited visitors. Many more to attend the parallel civil society meetings. A budget of $430 million. It is clear that Rio+20 is going to be a huge event. The head of logistics responsible for the summit, Mr. Laudemar Aguiar, even predicts it will be "the largest conference in UN history, surpassing Copenhagen 2009."

Why it is high time for young people to get involved in sustainable development!

Now it's time to act - demand a healthy sea environment from the EU-parliament!

The first meeting of the newly-elected mandate of the Advisory Council on Youth (AC on Youth) was held in the European Youth Center in sunny Budapest, Hungary, on 28-30 March, 2012.

The study session on environmental law held in the European youth centre in Strasbourg, France was attended by 29 enthusiastic and motivated environmental activists. Converging on the banks of the river Ill, youth from 18 different European countries spent one week studying the diverse topic of EU environmental law.

This year the EU is going to regulate the policy for the world's third largest fishing fleet. It is a policy which will change the managements of the seas for the coming ten years. A one every ten years opportunity. Therefore, it is widely important that we take the chance to make it as beneficial as possible.