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Mathieu Frediere


2011/2012, 12 months

I always wanted to discover Europe. I started to make this dream come true thanks to an Erasmus and travels in European countries. But it was not enough, I needed to discover more deeply a new culture. The best tool to achieve this project was EVS. Thus I looked for an environmental NGO, since environment is a topic I am deeply interested in. That is how I found out about YEE, and the aim of the organization immediately appealed to me. Cherry on the cake: YEE is settled in Prague, one of the most beautifull cities in the world.

Since I started my EVS I realize, more and more, that it is possible to get involved in many different kinds of activities. Part of the work is made at the office, here I am learning usefull skills on how to communicate through internet or upload a website and many other things. Another part takes place during some projects, which we organize and in which we take part, in order to create an interesting moment of fun and exchange. Finally we take part in activities outside YEE, we can for example give a hand to other organizations in Toulcuv Dvur or give English classes to kids.

Life here is pleasant, and I am really not surprised that many volunteers decide to stay here after their EVS.

Mathieu Frediere - YEE - from France

Among the activities I took part in, i regularly created audio recorded files to present what is being an EVS volunteer in Prague. Since this activity were organised by my sending organisation the files are in french. However you can have a check at them just below. 

Within my project in YEE I took part in the following activities:

Evaluation Meeting ‘Environmental Audit'

Youth Exchange 'Learning from each other - methods of environmental education'

Volunteering Weekend

NGO Market and Day of the Earth

Annual Meeting 2011

YEE day

World Water Monitoring Day

EVS Market