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Jesus profileJesus de la Hoz Trapero,


2013/2014, 12 months

Hello! My name is Jesus (Txus for friends). I was born in Madrid in 1987, and I lived there 24 years. But I also spent a lot of time in my parents' village where I learnt to love Nature, work in it and develop my projects. Because during my childhood I was connected with the environment, I decided study Environmental Sciences in Alcala University during 7 years, but two of them in exchanges programs, one of them in the University of Granada and other one in Estonia, Maaulikool Forestry Faculty.

Discovering new places, travelling, even while walking in my district, social activism, sports like hiking, mtb, climbing, and working in my little projects like restoring an old building, are my passions.
I understand environment as the place where humans live and it is our duty to take care of it. That is why in my studies I studied about society and human behaviour too. I am also involved in social movements in Spain, social centers and local assemblies. I believe in direct democracy and shared decisions, because environment is also politics.

I decided to do EVS because I am an active person who wants to learn more about developing projects, work with people (as I did in 2011 during my job in the botanic garden of my university in Spain), and for sure have a lot of experiences in Prague - the heart of Europe. I expect many things during my EVS but it depends on me to achieve all of them.

All my energy for YEE!

So far I have taken part in the following activities and projects: