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Dealing with Eco-Anxiety | Training of Trainers

We are looking for 20 participants who are interested in increasing their capacities to work on dealing with eco-anxiety in their organisation and environmental activism.
26.3.2024/by Eva Kloudová

Right to Healthy Environment | Study session

We are looking for organisations and youth activists interested in increasing their capacities to work on the access to environmental rights of young people
12.3.2024/by Eva Kloudová

Climate Litigation As a Tool for Youth Climate Movements

Climate Litigation as a tool for youth climate movements
5.2.2024/by Eva Kloudová

Deploying renewable energy while protecting biodiversity​

Considering our growing energy needs, is the deployment of renewables compatible with our objectives of biodiversity protection?
26.1.2024/by Eva Kloudová

National Energy & Climate Plans | Webinar

Join us on Friday 12th January from 16.00 to 17.00 CET for a session in which the YEE Environmental Law team will present the new initiative to launch a campaign to mobilise youth to demand more consideration of young people's engagement in the NECPs processes.
9.1.2024/by YEE

COP28 recap ​| Webinar

Join our live webinar on COP28 recap with youth delegates, from Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) Generation Climate Europe (GCE) and European Youth Energy Network (EYEN), who were present at #COP28 in Dubai!​
18.12.2023/by YEE

When youth sue the state​ | Workshop

What are the challenges faced by youth groups who decided to take States to court for climate inaction?
28.6.2023/by YEE

Green Colonialism​ | Webinar

The large-scale deployment of solar and wind capacities, along with electric batteries, is particularly demanding in critical raw materials, most of which are currently imported.

Could this trend amount to a new form of colonialism?
26.6.2023/by Eva Kloudová

A lot of finance is still not Green​ | Webinar

Together with April Merleaux and Noam-Pierre Werlé, we will discuss the relation of mutual interdependence between financial institutions and the fossil fuel industry.
24.5.2023/by YEE

General Assembly 2023

We would like to announce that the Annual Meeting and the General Assembly of YEE will take place on from 8th to 9th July 2023 in Prague, Czechia.
23.5.2023/by YEE

YEE’s Summer Camp on energy policy and environmental law​

Understand issues related to the energy transition and environmental law, and strengthen the capacity of local organisations to push for more ambitious environmental agendas at the local level.
22.5.2023/by YEE

European energy policy | Webinar

Learn about the liberalisation process of the energy sector in the EU since the 1990s and its impact on end consumers.
6.4.2023/by YEE

Risks & Opportunities of the REPowerEU​ | Workshop

How to align the REPowerEU plan, and its implementation at EU countries level, with the protection of nature and the empowerment of citizens and communities?
16.2.2023/by YEE

EU Emissions Trading System & Fit for 55 Workshop & Fit for 55​ | Workshop

How will the review of the EU ETS Directive align with the EU target set out in the European Climate Law to reduce net GHG emissions by 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels?
15.2.2023/by YEE

SWITCH Networking event in Prague

The goal of the event is to promote the work done in the SWITCH project, to showcase the work of the nine participants who finished the course and to gather and strengthen the cooperation of organisations, civil society organisations, movements and party-political organisations, as well as participants who are interested in this topic.
1.2.2023/by YEE

Call for Organisational training | Showcasing the Unheard

Online Training to Central and Eastern Europe (youth-led NGOs or youth groups in Central and Eastern Europe} with access to a facility/venue to work with marginalised youth on the local level.
17.1.2023/by YEE

Networking session for European Youth: Building the bridge towards intergenerational equity | COP27 Side-event

Networking session for European Youth: Building the bridge…
13.11.2022/by YEE

Intergenerational Dialogue of Continents on Climate-induced Migration | COP27 Side-event

Intergenerational Dialogue of Continents on Climate-induced…
3.11.2022/by YEE

Wrap up on climate litigation | Online workshop | Legal Seeds

In this last workshop, you will become familiar with the current trends of climate litigation, the different categories of it, the substantive grounds used and how climate change can be linked to specific actions!
12.7.2022/by YEE

Training for Trainers – Understanding legislation

This Training for Trainers will focus on environmental decision making & local participation with a special focus on young people from rural areas, minorities and vulnerable groups. The program will be based on non-formal education and intercultural learning principles.
7.7.2022/by YEE

Trends in Climate litigation

Through our 3rd workshop, we aim to provide a better understanding of public climate litigation having as guest speaker Filippo Fantozzi, Legal Associate in the Climate Litigation Network of Urgenda.
29.6.2022/by YEE

Public participation & environmental impact assessment | Workshop | Legal Seeds

23.6.2022/by YEE

Basic international environmental law | Workshop | Legal Seeds

Are you interested in following the international climate regime and to get more familiar with environmental law tools in order to become more actively involved? Follow our environemental law workshop series. The first workshop, on basic International Environmental Law, will take place on the 8th of June! This is perfect for those who don’t have a legal background, and we hope to see you there.
2.6.2022/by YEE

Annual Meeting 2022

We would like to announce that the Annual Meeting and the General Assembly of YEE will take place on the 1-2nd of July 2022 In Grenoble, France, following the Greenoble Summit organized by YEE on the 28-30th of June. We are happy to say that it will take place IN PERSON with an option to join in remotely. Hereby, we would like to ask each YEE member organisation to appoint a delegate to represent and vote on behalf of your organisation during the General Assembly (GA).

Youth Greenoble Summit

In the framework of its green cities portfolio, YEE is organising the Youth Greenoble Summit from June 28th to June 30th in partnership with the City of Grenoble (France), European Green Capital 2022 and the French presidency of the Council of the European Union.
5.4.2022/by YEE

Run4Nature | Workshop + Run | EU Nature Restoration Law

8.3.2022/by YEE

Local Youth Environmental Assembly | Online event

YEE will be hosting a total of two events, scheduled for 8th and 9th of March 2022. The aim of the first round of workshop will be to open general discussions within European youth and stakeholders on UN mechanisms and how they can be best involved. The second round of workshop will then take the opportunity to dive into specifics of UNEA 5.2. including inviting YEE UNEA 5.2. delegates and respective UN agency representatives to help us in understanding the outcomes of the conference and how this will impact youth and youth organisations across Europe.
7.3.2022/by YEE

Biodiversity Conservation: our Past, Present and Future | Workshop for MOs

9.2.2022/by YEE

EU Environmental Law 101 | Workshop

7.2.2022/by YEE

Nuclear waste management and the intergenerational aspects | Webinar

1.12.2021/by YEE

Empowering Youth to Restore Nature | Webinar

16.11.2021/by YEE

The state of nuclear power energy in Europe | Webinar

24.10.2021/by YEE

Cities, Climate and Change | 2-day Workshop

11.10.2021/by YEE

MOP7 Side Event | Young and marginalised | Webinar

30.9.2021/by YEE

Convention on Biological Diversity | Workshop 

How can young people take an active role in international biodiversity…
23.9.2021/by YEE

Understanding the G20 – Behind the slogans | Webinar

The G20 Heads of State and Government Summit will be held…
22.9.2021/by YEE

Join the UN Secretary General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change European Consultation, 28-30 June 2021

Are you a young European leader involved in climate activism?…
10.6.2021/by YEE

Building Biodiversity: Youth Dialogue with UNEP’s IRP Co-Chairs

Are you committed to taking action to protect the future of our…
8.6.2021/by YEE

Youth Participation in Climate Litigation | YEE Webinar

What is climate change litigation? 💥☄️🚨…
26.5.2021/by YEE