Why become a YEE member?

YEE member organisations can:

  • Promote the activities of your organisation with and through the YEE network
  • Establish new connections and partnerships with other environmental youth organisations in Europe
  • Share your experience and learn from others about environmental youth work and environmental protection.
  • Get immediate access to our newsletter, publications and booklets
  • Initiate, organise and/or participate in international projects as training sessions on particular topics, local actions and joint campaigns.
  • Get support in terms of fundraising and project management

YEE Membership criteria and rights

There are two types of membership in YEE, based on selection criteria and with different membership rights: full members and associate members.

1. Full members

Are non-governmental organisations that:

  • have the same objectives as YEE: encouraging the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature so as to arise awareness of environmental problems among young people in Europe
  • are self-governing youth organisations or autonomous youth sections of organisations
  • are democratically organised on a national or regional level
  • are from a European country
  • pay annual membership fees

Full members have influence in the objectives and activities by their participation and right to vote at the YEE Annual Meetings. Furthermore, their representatives can participate in projects organised by YEE and contest for a position in the YEE Board.

2. Associate members

Are non-governmental organisations that

  • are interested in the objectives and activities of YEE, but don’t comply to all selection criteria of the full members or don’t want to become a full member.
  • pay half of the annual membership fee

Associate members can participate at YEE Annual Meeting, but cannot vote.

YEE Membership Fees

The amount of the membership fee depends on the annual budget of the member organisation.

  • Member organization’s budget
  • EUR 0 – EUR 12.500
  • EUR 12.500 – EUR 25.000
  • EUR 25.000 – EUR 37.500
  • EUR 37.500 – EUR 62.500
  • EUR 62.500 – EUR 125.000
  • EUR 125.000 – EUR 250.000
  • EUR 250.001
  • Membership fee
    Full Members
  • EUR 40
  • EUR 60
  • EUR 80
  • EUR 100
  • EUR 120
  • EUR 140
  • EUR 160
  • Membership fee
    Associated Members
  • EUR 20
  • EUR 30
  • EUR 40
  • EUR 50
  • EUR 60
  • EUR 70
  • EUR 80

Member organisations should transfer the membership fee yearly to the bank account of YEE before the deadline set up by the YEE Board. In case the bank transfer is too expensive for a particular organisation, the organisation can bring it in cash to one of the YEE meetings.

The voting right of the organisation will be suspended if the membership fee is not paid before the official opening of the Annual Meeting.

How to apply for YEE membership

In order to become a member, you need to:

  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Send the application form and the statutes of the organisation translated to English by e-mail to yee@yeenet.eu. Deadline is at least two months before the YEE Annual Meeting.
  3. Send the originals by registered post to the YEE Office (Vinohradská 2165/48, 102 00, Prague, Czech Republic) before the start of the YEE Annual Meeting.

The processing of the membership is as follows: 

  1. After application, the applying organisation must be present at the Annual Meeting.
  2. Applications for full membership are accepted by 2/3 of the votes at the Annual Meeting, abstentions not counted.
  3. Applications for associate memberships are accepted by more than 1/2 of the votes.