Why become a YEE member?

YEE member organisations can:

  • Promote the activities of your organisation with and through the YEE network
  • Establish new connections and partnerships with other environmental youth organisations in Europe
  • Share your experience and learn from others about environmental youth work and environmental protection.
  • Get immediate access to our newsletter, publications and booklets
  • Initiate, organise and/or participate in international projects as training sessions on particular topics, local actions and joint campaigns.
  • Get support in terms of fundraising and project management

YEE Membership criteria and rights

All members of YEE are considered to be equal and are subject to pay a membership fee in proportion with their budget. All members have the following rights:

  1. Right to be present at the Annual Meeting;
  2. Right to nominate candidates for all posts of all statutory bodies and working groups of the network;
  3. Right to vote. Each member shall be entitled to one voting right.

In order to practice those rights, all members should: 

  1. Have no debts of membership fee from the previous year
  2. Pay the membership fee of the actual year or committed to pay it until the end of the AM.
  3. Be active in YEE activities during the year. Being active means:

c.1) Sending at least one participant to one of YEE activities

c.2) In cases that they cannot send any participants to YEE activities, contributing the work of YEE in online matters, ie. sending articles to YEE newsletter, disseminating calls of YEE,  and contributing to surveys, questionnaires sent by YEE

YEE Membership Fees

The amount of the membership fee depends on the annual budget of the member organisation.

  • Member organization’s budget
  • EUR 0 – EUR 12.500
  • EUR 12.500 – EUR 25.000
  • EUR 25.000 – EUR 37.500
  • EUR 37.500 – EUR 62.500
  • EUR 62.500 – EUR 125.000
  • EUR 125.000 – EUR 250.000
  • EUR 250.001
  • Membership fee
  • EUR 30
  • EUR 45
  • EUR 60
  • EUR 75
  • EUR 90
  • EUR 105
  • EUR 120

Member organisations should transfer the membership fee yearly to the bank account of YEE before the deadline set up by the YEE Board. In case the bank transfer is too expensive for a particular organisation, the organisation can bring it in cash to one of the YEE meetings.

The voting right of the organisation will be suspended if the membership fee is not paid before the official opening of the Annual Meeting.

How to apply for YEE membership

In order to become a member, you need to:

  1. Download and fill in the application form
  2. Send the application form and the statutes of your organisation translated to English by e-mail before the 1st June 2022 to yee@yeenet.eu.

The processing of the membership is as follows: 

  1. After application, the applying organisation must be present at the Annual Meeting, which is usually held in July, August or September. The date of the Annual Meeting is announced at least 60 days in advance.
  2. Applications for the membership are accepted by 2/3 of the votes at the Annual Meeting, abstentions not counted.