Environmental law Knowledge bank

One-stop library of accessible environmental law resources

Introducing the one-stop library of accessible environmental law resources! 

This platform is specifically tailored to provide young public with easy access to a vast collection of environmental law materials, empowering everybody to take informed actions.

Discover a comprehensive range of resources, from educational materials to legal guidelines, all aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of environmental issues.

This knowledge bank comprises of all resources developed through our Legal Seeds 1 and Legal Seeds 2 projects.

Topic 1

Environmental Law: the basics

Start with this section to get an overview of EU and international environmental law, in order to acknowledge the basics… or refresh your memory!

Environmental Law: the basics

Basic international environmental law | Animated video ⚫ EU Environmental Law – a simple introduction | Handbook ⚫ EU Environmental Law 101 | Webinar ⚫ EU Environmental Law | Webinar

Topic 2

Public Participation

Discover why it's important for the public, especially youth, to be involved in environmental decision-making.

Public Participation

EU Environmental Law | Animated video ⚫ Public Participation, a way to be at the heart of environmental democratic governance | Article ⚫ Environmental Impact Assessment and Public Participation under EU Law | Article ⚫ Public participation in planning processes | Handbook ⚫Cities, Energy and Fit55 | Podcast episode

Topic 3

Aarhus Convention Processes

If there’s a symbol for environmental democracy in Europe, that is the UNECE Aarhus Convention, which protects the rights of the public to participate, access information and access justice in environmental matters.

Aarhus Convention Processes

Our Right to be Heard: how the Aarhus Convention can open its doors to Youth | Article ⚫ Understanding Aarhus | Handbook

Topic 4

Fit for 55

What is FF55? How is it negotiated? Can citizens influence it? Do they have access to justice?

Public Participation

EU Emissions Trading System & Fit for 55 | Article ⚫ Fit for 55: the legislative package that the EU must not fail | Webinar ⚫ Fit55 and Access to Justice | Podcast episode

Topic 5


As a direct response to the Russian invasion to Ukraine in 2022, the European Commission presented the REPowerEU plan to secure alternative supplies to Russian fossil fuels. Here you can find some resources to understand the challenges and potential solutions to these!


The Risks & Opportunities REPowerEU | Webinar ⚫ Renewable Energy and Biodiversity | Podcast episode ⚫ Energy crisis and ecological emergency: is the REPowerEU plan THE solution? | Article

Topic 6

Climate litigation

Learn about strategic climate litigation, why is it on the rise with more and more cases providing reasons to celebrate and bringing hope for stronger climate measures and the role of young people in all of it.

Public Participation

Climate litigation | Webinar ⚫ Climate litigation and what follows – Putting climate litigation outcomes into practice | Article ⚫ Sueing aganst the ECT | Podcast episode ⚫ “How to Sue a State” - an interview with representatives of Swedish youth group Aurora | Article
How to sue a state - article

Extra resources

EU Nature Restoration Law, Youth & Children rights, Biodiversity Conservation

Environmental law is a complex topic that touches upon different aspects. Discover the topics YEE has been involved in.


Protecting children & youth rights in the environmental crisis | Article ⚫ Advocating for stronger legal protection of rivers in Europe | Article ⚫ EU Nature Restoration Law | Podcast episode
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