Health first: The IED cannot deprive pollution victims of their rights

In 2023, toxic pollution has become the norm in Europe, with industrial complexes illegally polluting and causing harm to people's health. The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), which governs emissions from various industries, is being updated by EU decision-makers. However, the draft law appears to be inadequate in protecting people from pollution.

The EneRail | Podcast​

How is our generation responding to the challenges posed by the energy crisis and the imperative for a green transition? This thought-provoking podcast provides a comprehensive and nuanced outlook on the realities, insights, and actions that are shaping our present and future.

Green Hydrogen=Green Flag

In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of hydrogen as a potential solution for energy storage, aiming to overcome the current limitations of Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB).

Social Media Coordinator | Part-time Opportunity

Youth and Environment Europe is seeking a part-time Social Media Coordinator.

When youth takes states to court | Handbook

The European Court of Human Rights will be hearing the Duarte Agostinho et al case on September 27th, the third climate lawsuit of its kind. This presents an opportunity for European youth to raise their voices and advocate for climate action. This handbook provides important information on the hearing and the potential impact of the Court on climate action in Europe.

Climate Justice Needs An Intersectional Approach | Toolkit​

This toolkit invites you to embark on an inspiring journey where inclusivity and empowerment become the driving forces behind climate action.