In today’s interview, we get to know Luna Marbán who defines herself as “an entrepreneur, artistic director for sustainable brands, personal image consultant, illustrator, and blogger”. She recently founded the online store Maruna where she sells natural and organic cosmetics: the products come from Spain (where she is based) and are plastic-free. Keep reading to find out more about her project!

Who is Luna Marbán? Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Passionate about art, fashion and nature. I studied fashion styling and image consulting and I  have entered the world of sustainable fashion 7 years ago. Currently, I define myself as an entrepreneur, artistic director for sustainable brands, personal image consultant, illustrator and blogger.

All this because I love design, sustainable fashion, natural cosmetics and illustration. My dream would be to be able to combine all those passions in a single job such as a showroom / communication agency or a sustainable magazine. But at the moment I am doing small separate jobs and I share my  experience and opinion through my blog and social networks.

In addition, a few months ago, I decided to set up Maruna, my own online store of natural cosmetics: national (only with Spanish brands) and plastic-free products. 

How can fashion be slow and sustainable in your opinion?

I think the main thing is to change our way of consumption. We must stop consuming compulsively and start buying wisely, looking for quality instead of quantity and loving what we already have. Fashion can be sustainable but it cannot compete with the prices and speed of fast fashion, nor should it (because that would not be sustainable).

Ideally, a smaller production, with good designs and (natural) materials and respecting the
planet, animals and people. That is why I believe that if we want to consume sustainable fashion we must take into account the material with which the garment is made, where it was manufactured and under what conditions. the best for me? Made in Spain (where I live) with natural materials and that do not use plastic.

What is Maruna about?

Maruna is my online store for natural cosmetics, it is my personal project. I wanted to bring people the best cosmetic options for both people and the planet.

In my store I only work with Spanish brands of natural and organic cosmetics that do not pack with plastics. This is how we take care of ourselves without neglecting the environment.

Which kind of reactions/feedback has Maruna received?

The truth is that it is difficult to reach people online, but when they discovered my store they congratulated me for creating something like that. It is also difficult to sell because, as in fashion, consumers are used to very low prices and natural cosmetics are more expensive than conventional ones. I’m still fighting to reach as many people as possible: my goal is to help everyone who can change the way they consume cosmetics towards something more sustainable and natural.

Looking back at when you started the project, is there something you would do differently?

Maybe I would have bought less variety of products and focused more on what is most commonly sold (but of course, I didn’t know that). 

What’s next for your career?

I do not want to leave sustainable fashion aside and that is why I continue with my blog, my social networks and my work with brands and private clients. What I would like is to combine both worlds and be able to live from it. Find a balance and live life according to my beliefs.

In your opinion, which role does youth play in raising awareness about  environmental issues related to fashion and sustainable clothing?

I think that thanks to young people, companies have realized that something has to change. It is we who are raising our voice for the planet and calling for a change of direction.

Which advice would you give to the young people like you who want to self-start their own sustainable project?

Let them try if it is what they really want. I would suggest that they shouldn’t give up because  actions will pay off eventually but they take time to appear. Also, I would say that, if in the end, what they have created is not what they expected, they should modify it as many times as necessary until they get what really fills them and makes them happy.


Thanks to Luna for taking part to this interview and sharing some precious advice with YEE audience! It is important to remind ourselves that starting your own project can be a bumpy road but hard-work and positive attitude will compensate for all the challenges you might encounter on the way. 

We wish you the best of luck with your next initiatives!

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