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belgrad1If you ask 9-year- olds what is missing in Belgrade for more frequent bike use, one of the answers would be "the hill". If you ask them what they like the most about bike riding, they would say: "the wind passing though my hair", "the fact that I'm riding", "being faster than my daddy"..... These honest answers show that bikes are very welcomed as a means of transport in Belgrade but unfortunately not used enough!

During November and December in 2015, Young Researchers of Serbia conducted a project "Belgrade would be white if you ride a bike". This project involved 520 pupils, ages 9 and 10, from 10 primary schools located in two city municipalities.

EDEN first article2EDEN center, together with center "Ekolevizja", in Tirana, Albania, in the framework of the project "South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policies (SEE SEP)", has organised on 10th December 2015 an open lecture with the students of the Faculty of Civic Engineering under the topic "Beyond COP21". The meeting was organised one day before the ending of the COP21 meeting in Paris.

The aim of the meeting was to stimulate public debate on climate change, energy efficiency policies and behaviors, as a response to the national commitments for COP21.

EDEN second articleThe environmental education center 'EDEN' was established near the Zoo of Tirana on 22 April 2008. Since that day, this center continues to educate next generations to love and respect the environment that surrounds us. This center is open for students from different elementary schools or youth groups, but not only. All the visitors of this center have the opportunity to access information about different environmental activities or related events, contacts and information on how to give their contribution. In this center, besides the theoretical information available at its library, young people have the opportunity to explore the environment around the zoo. Different educative games, activities and informative guides about the animals and nature are offered by this center.

IMG 20151127 111431miniWe are very pround to share that in November, under YRS, we launched the 5th Aarhus Center in Serbia and 60th in the world. This project was supported by Serbian Government and OSCE. The memorandum with the Serbian Government was officially signed and we held three trainings for future activists of new AarhusCenter New Belgrade.

Our idea is to engage young people (students of law, environmental protection, etc) in implementation of Aarhus Convention in Belgrade. Tijana Ljubenovic is a coordinator of the center.

WSH1 3Starting from year 2014 "BALTA DABA" (Latvia) and "OPE" (Portugal) are cooperating for rivers protection activities in Latvia and Portugal under project "RIVER reMEMBERS".

This project aims to involve young people on river protection activities, testing different methodologies in Latvian and Portuguese regions. "River reMembers" started to run in October 2014 and is expected to end in November 2015 and was stuctured locally in a sequence of steps, starting with research about dam problems on rivers, conduction of workshops about river protection, creation of youth involvement methodologies and organization of a final seminar about the topic and project results.

Eden ProjectThe launch of Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS) took place on Friday 9th September at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. SOS is a network of over fifty student organisations in thirteen countries across five continents and is growing fast. The aim is to create a global platform enabling collaboration and communication between young people, with the goal to build a more sustainable future.

The event was inspiring and incredibly motivating. Leading environmentalists opened the event, including Sir Tim Smit (founder of the Eden Project), Jonathan Porrit (co-founder of Forum for the Future) and Juliette Bohland (board member of Cop in my City). There was an opportunity to view and discuss the WHOLE EARTH? exhibition, which is based on the premise that the future is with today's young people. Founders of the exhibition, Mark Edwards and Lloyd Timberlake, both spoke about how students and universities do have the power to make change, to make society more sustainable.

Ecotrail2On 20 of August 2015, "Development of ecotourism and youth employment in Zaritap, Gomk and Martiros communities of Vayots Dzor province" project was started. The project is implemented by the "Young Biologists Association" NGO in cooperation with "Jermuk Development Center" NGO. The aim of the project is development of ecotourism in the region and generation of additional income for young people of Gomk, Martiros and Zaritap villages of Vayots Dzor region. In the framework of the projects, the capacity and practical skills of young people interested in ecotourism and related services were enhanced. Also, the tourism infrastructures haa been developed. 

BDEVS1Hello! My name is Sandra and I am EVS volunteer in Latvia at "BALTA DABA" organisation. The country is wild and so wonderful and the team members treat me really good! During my EVS we are doing a very interesting activities. The first activity that I did on my EVS was to go birdwatching with one Latvian ornithologist boy. After that we made some lovely nest boxes! I really liked it this activity because I love birds. Other interesting activity was at "Dabas koncerzāle", is a very special concert in the nature, combining nature, music, poetry, art and lights.

BD1Starting from year 2014 "BALTA DABA" (Latvia) and "OPE" (Portugal) are cooperating for rivers protection activities in Latvia and Portugal.
In August 7-9th, 2015, we held international meeting in Latvia to exchange best practices on river protection methods in youth work.
During the meeting, we had a chance to visit the Slampe River restoration project and bog trail in Ķemeri National Park; "GAUJA RIVER FUND" workshop on wooden boat carving; small hydro power station on the Gauja River and discuss its influence on rivers biodiversity. We also found out what kind of local initiatives have been organised in Latvia to protect local rivers from illegal fishing and damming consequences.

IPAS1IPAS (Association for Environmental Integration and Social Progress) was founded in 2009 by a group of young people, with the great desire to bring a positive change in the Albanian reality, in terms of environmental protection.

Its vision is: "Justice, equal opportunities and progress for a society, which can unfold aspirations for a better life".

IPAS Association is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute in improving the situation in which we live, ensuring social equality and justice, environmental protection and economic development in Albania.

Biodiversa GreentoolboxsmallBiodiversa has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to translate the book "Green Toolbox" into Spanish, and thus make it available free of charge to more than 400 million people (Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin).

The Green Toolbox is a very practical and user-friendly guide full of simple tips on how to reduce the negative environmental impact of our daily actions. In the following page you can find more details about the project and the way to contribute to the campaign here.

AYA dinnerIn the middle of summer, AYA Volunteer Center organised a "Candlelight Dinner". The event was conducted in the framework of the International Campaign For Supporting Sustainable Development and Confronting Climate Change and the volunteer network IVS Against Climate Change "COOK 4 CLIMATE". The creative center "Integration" was chosen as the venue of the dinner.

The event was designed to demonstrate that the changes begin with ourselves. The candlelight dinner was a great opportunity to have in-depth conversations. Volunteers could learn more about the issue of the climate change and its effect on the world, they shared their experiences how to develop eco-life. They could also taste organic chocolate with honey, sourdough bread by e-Mazaya and farm-style yogurt and talke with local producers. Some of them even had the chance to take some sourdough away.