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Balta Daba Latvia 1May has been a rather busy month for association BALTA DABA! We've started two amazing projects with co-financing from our Latvian Environmental Protection Fund and we've also coordinated our work with local university and local governments. The two projects that have started in May are "Green Valmiera" (Our "base" town) and "Gauja's room" (the river we're most concerned for).

YBA Armenia 1

On March 25, in a warm atmosphere, Young Biologists Association and Armenia's National Scout Movement ANSM signed a memorandum of cooperation to establish Youth Environmental Club among Scouts' young people. Within the memorandum the members of Young Biologists Association will organise seminars, practical classes, individual works and field activities in order to familiarise Scout youth and pupils with Armenia's biodiversity, teach them to take care of nature and acquaint them with the Red Book of Armenia, as well as with the threatened species. The youth and schoolchildren will recognise their surrounding nature and will share their knowledge with their peers by conducting seminars in various schools.

ybanews1Armenia is recognized as one of the important biodiversity "hotspot" in the world. Towards 2014 International Day for Biodiversity, "Uniting Youth for Biodiversity" 8 days long youth exchange will be organized and hosted by Young Biologists Association NGO (Armenia) in cooperation with partners from Spain, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine.

riverjump1Young People aged between 16 and 26, coming from Czech Republic (Hnuti Brontosaurus), Slovakia (UV o.z.) and Austria (Au atmen), share experiences and ideas on environmental topics and create more of them just in this process. How do we call it? River Jump! is the answer. The young platform brings both ideas and action – three Clean Ups in April 2014. There are more voluntary and educative events coming.

georgia1After finishing my degree in Social Anthropology in the UK, I went to Georgia for one year. I went there as an EVS (European Volunteer Service) volunteer to work with a regional environmental organisation called CENN, the Caucasus Environmental NGO Network. I still remember arriving in Tbilisi, the capital, for the first time. It was 2 in the morning and my colleague-to-be was very nicely waiting for me, with the driver, Zaza. I remember thinking, "Zaza? What a funny name!" and asking my colleague how to say 'thank you' in Georgian. "Madloba". It took me about a week to be able to remember and pronounce that word.

EDEN2We cannot think of Season's fests without having the image of Christmas tree in our minds, do we?
Let's focus on the main message while enjoying the Christmas tree song "O Tannenbaum" ("O Christmas Tree") which is a German song. Based on a traditional folk song, it became associated with the Christmas tree by the early 20th century and sung as a Christmas carol. A Tannenbaum is a fir tree and the lyrics do not actually refer to Christmas, or describe a decorated Christmas tree. Instead, they refer to the fir's evergreen qualities as a symbol of constancy and faithfulness. It is not an environmental message but it is the message of a long life living planet.


If you came by chance to the office of AYA Volunteer centre on 7 December, you would be amazed by the amount of friendly and smiley people there. The reason they came there is to celebrate together with AYA team the International Volunteer Day and the end of the voluntary season 2013.

OPE2The 23rd of November was the Portuguese national day of Autoctone Forest. While some ecoclubes and other organizations planted autoctones trees  that day, OPE (Organisation of Promotion for Ecoclubs) organized in the city center of Porto what is called in French "Porteur de parole"

Envi. Education'Improving Environmental Education' at "Xhemal Cekini" school, Uznova, Berat, Albania is a project in collaboration between Powerful Information and EDEN center.

Uznova is located near to the Battery Plant which operated for many years without or little control on their emissions. The thought today is that this factory is not functional. Many people, especially from the Roma community, make a living by selling the lead laid near to the factory and in the same time risk their health.

Wonders of ArmeniaThe "Through the Eyes of the Youth" program was implemented at Aarhus Center in Yeghvard, which aims to promote raising the awareness of youth on the natural monuments, places of interest and to supplement the list of natural monuments of Kotayk region. The program "Wonders of Armenia in the eyes of youth" is implemented by "Yeghvard" Youth Environmental NGO jointly with Yeghvard Aarhus Environmental Public Information Centre funded by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the RA and in partnership with the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia.

rivers latviaAssociation "BALTA DABA" carried out project "SKRIEN, GAUJA, SKRIEN" which is still ongoing until December 2013, but the main activities were carried out in joint works in August and September of this year.

The main goals were to make young people contribute to the protection of the longest river in Latvia – Gauja and to motivate local people to take a part in the protection of the local environment. During the joint work members of association aimed to restore some parts of the Gauja, taking wood out of it and putting stones in, with an aim to increase the level of oxygen in the river.

sustainability russia 17Every week AYA volunteer organization, located in Moscow, Russia, organizes an English speaking club with actual topics. This is part of my EVS and we are organizing the English evenings all summer long. Most evenings we discuss environmental issues, such as plastic pollution, climate change, solar power etc. AYA volunteer center aims to create more environmental awareness in Russia. So these evenings are a great opportunity to spread the word about environmentalism. Since I studied environmentalism at university, I absolutely adore these evenings.