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Are you a young person concerned about environmental issues? Do you want to expand your network all around Europe? Are you ready to connect with climate activists and advocate for burning environmental issues together? If YES, this call is for you! 

Now you have a chance to become one of the 4 Regional Contact Persons for the largest independent European network of environmental youth organizations, that unites 52 member organizations coming from 30 countries. This is the best opportunity for you to bring your activism to another level!

What is the role of the Regional Contact Person ? 

  • To build YEE’s capacity to engage with MOs face-to-face on a regular basis in online bilateral (RT <-> MO) and regional meetings.
  • To understand what are the needs of our MOs in different regions – our MOs are very different and are based in regions with the different political, economic, and social situation, and I believe, zooming into regions will help us to understand these differences and consequent needs and to better connect MOs among each other and with YEE on the European level.
  • To map out the needs of MOs on the regular basis and to connect their needs to the general YEE objectives and design the work plan accordingly.
  • To establish strong relationships of MOs with YEE – MOs will closely communicate with the Regional Teams, which allows for developing a personal connection of the network with its MOs.
  • To ensure sustainable long-term engagement of MOs for the years to come and to build a strong MO community.

Help us connect our member organisations on the European level 

Creating Regional Teams is not meant to separate MOs and their engagement according to regions. All YEE MOs will still connect through YEE projects, online events, and in the Annual Meeting, as they always did. The purpose of the Regional Teams would be to build a strong link between the MOs and the YEE as an NGO through having more capacity and more people to engage with MOs. Moreover, the Regional Contact Persons and the Regional Teams coming from the same region as the MOs will have a better understanding of the context of the MOs’ work in their region and will be able to reflect the needs of our very different MOs in the YEE work plan.

 The duties of Regional Contact Persons are:

  • To establish connections and develop relationships with the MOs and the Regional Team in their respective region.
  • To organise and chair regional e-meetings with MOs located in their respective region at least four times a year: in February-March, May-June, September-October, November-December. 
  • To organise an in-person Regional meeting once per year at the YEE Annual Meeting. If the in-person meeting is not possible, to organise an online meeting aligned with the Annual Meeting of YEE.
  • To inform the Member Organisations Officer about the situation in their region on a regular basis, or whenever requested by the Member Organisations Officer.
  • To keep the MOs database updated.
  • To prepare and send out the MO Survey in cooperation with the YEE Member Organisations Officer and the Secretariat.
  • To prepare a written Annual Regional Report about the status of their region (including for example, but not limited to, an overview of MOs, their activities, the results of the MO Survey).
  • To represent and promote YEE in their region to expand the network.
  • To guide candidate MOs of their respective regions through the application process.
  • To propose MOs to be discharged and candidate MOs to be approved to the Member Organisations Office, who will make the final proposal to the General Assembly.
  • To connect MOs with the YEE working groups of YEE.
  • To facilitate MOs among synergy in the respective region – for the joint statement, actions, campaign regarding regional environmental issues. 
  • To carry out a well-structured handover with the elected RCP regarding the situation of the region and the progress of the RT during its term 

What it´s in it for you? 

This is a volunteering position that will require 1-5 hours of commitment per week, distributed unevenly. The mandate of a Regional Contact Person lasts for one year. During this time, you will:
  • expand your network and work closely with environmental youth organisations in your region
  • improve your management and communication skills
  • work together with young environmental activists across Europe and beyond
  • learn how the largest independent network of environmental youth organisations is operating from the inside and get a chance to influence its decision-making processes
  • deepen your knowledge of the environmental processes of your region
  • become a part of the YEE family and expand your community


Applicants should be between 18 and 30 years old, interested in environmental issues and climate advocacy, preferably come from the region they are applying to become a contact person for.

How to apply? 
Applicants should download the application form here, fill it in, save it in pdf format and send it to before 15 June 2021, 23:59.

In case you have any questions, please contact our Member Organisations Officer Ergi at

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