Serving on the Executive Board of a nonprofit organisation that you admire may be one of the most rewarding and valuable decisions you have made. So do not hesitate any longer and join the YEE Board 2021/2022.

Do you care about the environment and climate justice is important to you? Join the YEE Executive Board and become active in supporting it. Your voice will be heard and you will have an impact. Having an opportunity to collaborate with stakeholders from the UN, EU institutions, national governments, academia, and media, you will also empower the impactful voices of other young climate activists. Sounds exciting right?

YEE is pleased to announce the open call for the Executive Board 2021/2022. The elections of the new Board Members will take place during the General Assembly that will take place online on the 25-26th of September 2021.

The position of a Board Member of YEE is voluntary and remote. All members of the Board assume responsibilities according to the position they take. The positions are as follows:

Chairperson, Treasurer, Project Officer, Communications Officer, Member Organisations Officer, and External Relations Officer.

The Executive Board is responsible for making all the decisions in between the Annual Meetings and implementing the Work Plan accepted by the General Assembly, together with the Secretariat. By assuming the position of a Board Member you will get an excellent opportunity to work in an ambitious multinational team, get international exposure and hands-on experience in your selected domain. Becoming a member of the YEE Board will help you develop your competencies and acquire a range of skills that will be beneficial for your future, as well as to attain concrete opportunities for your education or career development.

Please take into consideration that the first board meeting will be held online within a week after the General Assembly.

All interested candidates are invited to send their applications, CV, and nomination letter from any of YEE member organisations by September 7th, 2021, 23:59 CEST, to

Please, find the application form via this link, and the nomination letter template here.

More information about the Executive Board of YEE you will be able to find in the call for members of the Executive Board attached, as well as in the YEE Board Member Policy.
All the applications will be sent to the member organisations of YEE after the deadline for applications. This procedure will allow all the delegates of the YEE General Assembly to get acquainted with the candidates and to decide who to give the vote for on behalf of their organisation beforehand.