Happy International Volunteer Day 2020

Did you know that the International Volunteer Day was mandated by the US General Assembly in 1985? Yes, that’s right! Since then, the 5th of December is the day when the whole world gives respect to all volunteers for their selflessness, motivation, hard work and kindness.

The International Volunteer Day celebrates and supports volunteers and volunteering organisations in their efforts, and appreciates them in their contribution to Sustainability in Economic and Social Development. Traditionally, the campaign is organised by the United Nations Volunteers aiming to promote the impact of volunteerism on a local, national and international level.

The theme of this year “Together We Can Through Volunteering” reminds us of volunteerism’s power of connection and togetherness during difficult and challenging times of 2020 caused by the pandemic which we all are going through. Volunteers have offered essential help at the forefront of medical, wider community, societal responses and have been exposed to life-threatening situations. 

Volunteering has a very important and irreplaceable role in society. On this occasion, we want to send our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers across the world including those who have collaborated on YEE activities for their priceless work and sharing positivity of volunteering vision.

Volunteers are also at the forefront and heart of the YEE, and all our projects and activities. We recognize and appreciate the work of our volunteers on a daily basis. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do. Without you none of this would be possible. To show our appreciation and contribute to building the campaign image that conveys a positive feeling, solidarity, and compassion toward volunteers, we asked our volunteers a very simple, yet sophisticated question. What does it mean to be a volunteer? 

“To volunteer is to dedicate your time to a cause in which you believe to help making this world a better place”  Juanan, Project Management Volunteer

“Volunteering to me, is to act on my values. It’s believing in something enough that you’re willing to put in as many hours of your free time into it as needed for it to become a reality; to make the world a slightly nicer and better place.” Chloé, Youth Advocacy Coordinator 

“For me, volunteering means trying to shape a world where the common good should be the most important thing to aim for. Unfortunately, volunteering is not a choice for everybody: I’m lucky because I have both time and resources to be a volunteer. Anyhow, we don’t have to get stuck in a pre-concepted definition of volunteerism: even if you’re not “officially” a volunteer for some sort of organizations, when you dedicate your time to help and support someone else, that’s what really counts! In practical terms, it’s also a very helpful way to acquire skills and to grow up both personally and professionally.” Martina, Project & Communications Support Officer

“Volunteering, for me personally, is an acknowledgement of the privilege in terms of the time and resources that I have to spare in my life and can, and also should, put to better use. But that is not to say that it is a chore – I volunteer on topics that I love and with amazing people, and so volunteering for me is also just incredibly enjoyable!” Cathal, Liaison Officer on Environmental Governance

“Volunteering means to get involved for a cause in which you believe and share the same values. It’s to give your time and your energy into it and feel useful for others. For me it’s also a great opportunity to gain professional and personal growth.” Camille, Digital Communications Volunteer 

“Volunteering means to me a way of freedom connected with self-discovery and discovery of the world. It means providing unconditional help and getting to know people with similar values and sharing them. It brings me joy and a feeling of fulfilment.” Viktoria, Intern 

Happy International Volunteer Day 2020 everybody!

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