Could law make climate change illegal? How can we use existing environmental laws to slash greenhouse pollution and promote the sustainable transition? What is the Aarhus regulation and why it matters?

Climate change litigation, is an emerging body of environmental law using legal practice and precedent to further climate change mitigation efforts, and young people should be part of it! 

The Aarhus Convention grants the public rights regarding access to information, public participation and access to justice, in governmental decision-making processes on matters concerning the environment. The Aarhus Regulation deals with these rights towards EU bodies. In May, the European Parliament will vote on a revision of the Aarhus Regulation and it is up to us to ensure an ambitious proposal. Now is the time to learn more about Aarhus and get involved in a campaign to ensure that the EU complies with its Convention obligations.

Help us improve access to justice so that EU institutions can be held accountable in environmental matters. In light of the European Commission´s draft report on the Aarhus Regulation we believe there is a growing awareness of the importance of youth engagement and involvement in climate and environmental policy-making and decision-making processes. Yet, it appears that young people are not making as much use of available legal tools to demand the implementation and enforcement of existing obligations. In the face of slow politics of climate change delaying climate change mitigation, young people should use judiciary systems to advance the effort.

Thus “Lighsts on Aarhus” project is an opportunity for an increased engagement of young activists in legal processes, ranging from impact assessments, to making use of environmental democracy rights, to engaging in strategic and routine litigation at local, national or EU level. We want to

  • help overcome some of these barriers by informing, empowering, connecting and enabling youth activists on the topic of environmental law and Aarhus regulation,  
  • strengthen the European youth climate movement and providing them with tools to better advocate – including arming their advocacy with environmental law tools. 

Project activities

The projects activities are divided in two parts: 

The awareness raising webinars

For the awareness raising part, there will be two webinars organized by our team, an introductory and conclusive one to shed light on the Aarhus Regulation and EU’s reforms and amendment on it.

The “Access to Justice” campaign

The Campaign will include a workshop on campaign building as well as work with a coalition to push for stronger access to justice to be passed by the European Union


The project is funded by the European Climate Foundation covering several partners for both webinars and the campaign, such as the Client Earth and Earth Advocacy Youth.


We aim to create a platform for young people to be aware of their possibilities on a legal side to demand for better climate policies, as well as to push the European Union to revise the Aarhus Regulation to ensure it works to empower citizens and enable a fair fight towards climate justice.