Office Cuisine

‘Office cuisine’ is an initiative of YEE, launched in 2010 and developed by the organisation’s Secretariat for YEE network and other young people who are interested in a healthier lifestyle. The campaign was started from the belief that, as a youth environmental network, YEE could be a source of ideas and good practices for its members on how to develop a sustainable, functional system in their work environment, especially with regard to eating habits.

In this context, the current campaign is also inspired by the Healthy Food Campaign, which YEE organised in 2010. It is based on the core idea that the health of our land and the sustainability of our food system determine the health of our bodies.

‘Office cuisine’ was launched in the form of a WordPress blog containing vegetarian recipes of the meals cooked daily by the members in YEE Office. This was based on the organisation’s principles of having only vegetarian food within its local and international activities (Annual Meeting, Training Courses, Youth Exchanges, etc.), but also on the desire to make cooking and eating vegetarian food part of the office life and a way to improve the team’s cohesion and unity.

The main aim of this campaign is to promote healthy eating habits and lifestyle based on YEE’s vegetarian and sustainability principles and with a focus on aspects such as multiculturalism, sense of community and food sovereignty.

The objectives of this campaign are:

  • to raise awareness towards sustainable eating habits and lifestyle, in order to empower young people to make well-balanced, informed decisions when it comes to food;
  • to create environmental educational tools that will provide member organisations with useful guidelines in applying YEE’s policies;
  • to provide a space for collecting ideas, exchange information and share good practices as a support platform for young people’s needs and interests;

Check out the ‘Office cuisine’ blog!

On the blog you can also find vegetarian and vegan recipes that we cook in the YEE office, as well as articles that aim to promote a healthier way of eating that gives better respect to our environment and articles in relation to how are eating habits can effect the environment. You can also enrich your cuisine by discovering new benefits of plants and ingredients thanks to our ‘Ingredient facts’ articles. You can have a look as well at the recipe competition we organised and try tasty recipes from all around the world.