YEEs! Let´s Clean UP Prague! – World Environment Day 2020

Are you thinking about doing something beneficial for the environment but you don´t know where to start? 🌎👣🤍🌱 YEE has a suggestion for you! YEEs!
This is what you can do 👀 Join us on Friday 5 June 2020 in our clean-up initiative! ♻️💡🔋🛍🛒📦

What is the most renowned day for environmental action? World Environment Day! 🌷 That´s why together with UNEP Major Group of Children & Youth Ukliďme Česko we have decided to organise a Prague clean-up on this day as a part of the initiative European Network of Volunteers for the Environment. Let’s show what European volunteers can do! 💪
How can you join us? It´s easier then you think!👇And yes you can join us even though you are not in Prague!

Add a reminder to your calendar for Friday 5 June 2020! 🗓
On Friday you have two options:
🅰️ Are you currently in Prague? Join us at 16.00 (CET) at our YEE Prague clean-up base! We will meet at the corner of the streets Seifertova and Přiběnická, just next to the Prague Main Railway Station. We will make a small circuit, starting from the back side of the station going around to the Husitská street, below the Vítkov hill and back.
We can all meet there and enjoy the clean-up afternoon together! Together with Ukliďme Česko we will provide you with all the clean-up necessities – gloves, compostable garbage bags & good mood! And we have some YEE gifts ready for you as well:)

🅱️ You can join us even if you won´t decide to join our clean-up base in Prague. How? Wherever in world you are, you can join us by your individual clean-up or you can organise a local community clean-up in your citiy. If you decide to do the individual clean-up, just go out to the streets, to your favourite park or a square and pick up some waste to help us clean our beautiful planet. If you would like to organise your local community clean-up, contact us for more support!

No matter how you decide to get involved in our initiative, be sure to take a PICTURE or a VIDEO capturing your clean-up activity and SHARE IT ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS WITH HASHTAGS:
#CleanUpPrague #Youth4Environment #ENV4ENV #UklidmeCesko #WorldEnvironmentDay

Although this action is primarily dedicated to the European volunteers (ESC/EVS) in Prague, you don´t have to be a volunteer to join us! We would like to encourage all people in Prague who care about our planet to make a difference with us:) And in the end, this is your chance to become a volunteer for a day! ✌️
#ENV4ENV was launched on the 5th of April 2019. This initiative is about the environment and about a European Network of Volunteers. The idea is to do something about the environment, in our local communities, but on the same day, and share our action on social media using the same hashtag. Whether you volunteer in Denmark, in Greece or in Belarus, whether you want to clean a beach, show a documentary, or organize a workshop about making your own cosmetic, each volunteer can do something positive.
And if we all do it at the same time, it will have a bigger impact.
We chose the 5th of June: it’s the United Nations day for the Environment, and the perfect day for us to connect, network, and make a change!