• YEE advocacy goes local

    Funding opportunity for YEE member organisations

The Advocacy team is excited to announce the opportunity to support 7 grant projects by a YEE member organisation*, aiming to mobilise and empower young people on a local or national level to either:

  • Explore youth led local or national level work on designated advocacy topics
  • Use advocacy initiatives to engage with marginalized communities [BIPOC, LGBTQI+, Roma communities etc.]

*See how to apply to become an MO

What does the funding include?

  • 3,000 EUROs per project.
  • Funding support to 7 individual projects by different member organisations.
  • Monthly mentorship support from YEE Advocacy Working Group
  • Monthly peer support from the selected organisations
  • 7 projects from 7 designated western European countries (Western Balkan and CEE region are covered by an already approved sub-granting program in the Showcasing the Unheard *COMING SOON*).

The possible format can include:

What must the project entail


  • Must be held/facilitated in one of the 7 designated countries.
  • Local or national or international project.
  • At least 10 young people benefited from the project, with an equitable balance on gender in the composition.
  • A thorough proposal entailing the local/national issue that the organisation is aiming to tackle, explaining the context and how this grant is expected to tackle it.
  • Identify the minority groups by describing them in the application process.
  • The programme must be run and organised by youth [under the age of 30].
  • Implement the safeguarding policy created by the showcasing the unheard project to provide protection to children and vulnerable adults engaged in the activity.


  • Eligible member organisations are only permitted to send one application form and receive funding for one project.
  • The project must be run from June 2022 to December 2023.
  • Project must be on a local or national level.
  • Non-formal education format must be followed!

Eligible geographical locations

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Poland*
  • Spain
  • UK

*Poland: Any youth-led organisation in Poland is encouraged to apply for this grant, regardless of their organisation directly or indirectly working on the environment, as long as they are youth-led and target young people under the age of 30.


Make sure your proposal focuses on one of the following topics.

On Advocacy

Pertaining to one of the eight thematic areas within YEE Advocacy Plan:

  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Climate Crisis, such as [COP27]
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Environmental Governance [UNEP/UN processes]
  • Green Cities
  • Green Europe
  • Environmental Law and Litigation

On minorities: 

Providing funding opportunities to mobilise a group of minority youth organisations either on a local, national, or international level.

  •  Access to negotiation processes.
  • Advocacy training.

It is in the discretion of the organisation to define their need and justify it to YEE. Given that there is no hard rule, this serves as a good occasion to keep the themes as open as possible.

The process

  • 1st stage

    Idea initiation

    • Individual MOs from the designated countries will be asked to complete a google form and submit their idea/proposal to YEE.
    • The project will need to be implemented on a local and national level.
    • Questions will cover basic areas but sufficient enough to get a grasp of the idea.
    • Once the deadline is closed, those ideas will be collected and will be cross-checked in accordance with YEEs advocacy efforts and priorities
  • 2nd stage

    Development stage

        • Once selected, there will be a series of bilateral and team meetings with the selected projects to train, equip and develop their proposal.
        • The Advocacy Team will support the MOs selected to develop their proposal into a simplified project proposal [concept note] and an expense sheet for their costs.
        •  Expected duration: 1 month.

    2nd stage

  • 3rd stage


    • This will be the period where organisations will be given support and mentorship to implement their proposal
  • 4th stage

    Reporting stage

    • Can be done in creative ways – using NFE format and it is dependent on the creativity of the proposal. Their reporting method will be asked during the 1st stage

    4th stage

You ready? Send your application by 5th September 2022!

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Contact Pegah at pegah@yeenet.eu or fill out this form:


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