Training for Trainers – Understanding legislation

This Training for Trainers will focus on environmental decision-making & local participation with a special focus on young people from rural areas, minorities and vulnerable groups.

What you can expect

The program will be based on non-formal education and intercultural learning principles.

We strive for active, inclusive and direct communication and transfer and sharing of knowledge. Sessions will be balanced between theoretical inputs, training, workshops, discussions, reflection, planning, brainstorming and other interactive methods of learning.

Aims and Objectives

We believe that the representation of diverse voices in the environmental youth movement is the key to good policy making. (Under)representation of young people from rural communities, minorities and vulnerable groups affects the design, implementation and effectiveness of policies. Facing the climate emergency, we want to make sure that those who feel its consequences the most have space in decision-making and know that their voice matters. With this project, we want to engage with young people locally, while empowering and connecting youth internationally.

The objectives of the training course are:

  • Explore and clarify the processes of environmental policy-making, to support a better understanding of environmental law and environmental issues among young people
  • Develop participants’ competencies in planning, implementing, and evaluating nonformal educational activities on environmental issues, environmental law, and climate crisis
  • Develop a hands-on workshop plan on environmental policy papers which will be exercised on an environmental level.

After the session, participants are expected to:

  • develop your understanding of policy making and environmental law
  • design a workshop on environmental issues and democratic participation for youth from rural areas, minorities and vulnerable groups, which you are going to implement in your country after the international training.

Practical information

  • When?

    From 7th August 2022 to 14th August 2022

  • Where?

    In Aghveran, Armenia

  • How?

    Register your interest before 12th of July 2022, Midnight CEST

In case of questions, contact Tanya: