YEE’s position on the war in Ukraine

Youth and Environment Europe would like to voice the support to the Ukrainian people. YEE has always stood up against oppression and war, and we firmly condemn the Russian invasion. We are watching the recent events with horror and disbelief.
At the same time, we do not confuse the Russian government with the Russian people. We strongly believe that the Russian people oppose war as the rest of the world does. Moreover, we want to express our support to all people in Russia who are publicly protesting against their government’s actions. We admire your bravery.
The governments around the world, especially those in the Global North, should focus on the climate crisis, which threatens the future of all humanity. Instead, they now have to divert the attention and resources to yet another war, which will only delay the environmental efforts save the planet and cause irreparable damage in every respect.
We have always seen Europe stretching past the border of the European Union and have always welcomed organisations from the whole continent. Our entire existence as a network is based on cooperation, freedom, and support, and we believe that following these values is the path to a better future for us all. The people of Ukraine are showing us right now how far you can get with these values in mind.