Youth Environmental Assembly to the UN Environment Programme | 13 February 2021

Join the largest youth-led environmental event! Don’t forget to register for the online Youth Environmental Assembly (YEA) on February 12-13th and 18-20th, organised by the United Nations Environment Programme’s Major Group for Children and Youth (UNEP MGCY).

The YEA is the largest youth-led environmental event in the world and the official youth forum for the fifth United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA). This youth event will include a Regional Consultation for Europe so that youth can discuss the work of UNEP and UNEA with particular reference to European issues and situations. This will take place from 14.30-16.00 CET on the 13th February and is co-facilitated by Cathal Swan – YEE’s Liaison Officer on Environmental Governance and UNEP MGCY Regional Facilitator for Europe. 

UNEP MGCY has organised the YEA to allow youth the opportunity to debate the summit’s agenda items and the most urgent environmental issues of the moment, and the outcomes of the YEA will then be voiced to government ministers at UNEA. The sessions over the five days will also include dialogues directly with environmental ministers, breakout discussions on thematic aspects of UNEP’s work, negotiation preparations for agenda items of UNEA, as well as expert panel discussions on topical environmental issues and UNEP processes.

Register here until 10 February 2021.

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