YEE at COP27

Why do we need to make sure youth will be present at COP27?

Youth participation in decision-making processes is one of YEE’s core goals. Read what the representatives of the YEE advocacy working group have to say about this topic!

Young people are considered a vital part of society and should be part of climate discussions.

Climate change is present and the children and young people of today will face the worst effects of tomorrow. From our experience, youth has faced many challenges during policy-making decisions such as insufficient consideration of the views expressed or limited seats in the discussions. But this shouldn’t function as a burden to youth participation. Instead, young people should be considered high-value resources experiencing the climate crisis and can add a future perspective to the discussions.

This can start with us actively engaging and grasping every opportunity to speak up. COP27 is one of those opportunities, that can bring this strong youth voice to the climate discussions.

Solutions and policy are only effective if they take into consideration all impacted groups, and the best way to do so is to consult those groups directly.

Young people are key stakeholders, considering it is their future (and their present) that hangs in the balance of the actions we decide to take on climate change, especially in spaces such as the UNFCCC COP.

Youth should be listened to. It is vital to remember, however, that youth are not a homogenous group and this plurality of different perspectives and backgrounds needs to be valued and used to create more comprehensive policies. While youth representation is slowly increasing, with initiatives such as UN youth delegates and António Guterres’ Youth Advisors, there are still numerous barriers to youth involvement – barriers to being awarded badges, funding, and barriers to education. If we value youth participation, we must also facilitate it.

Youth participation creates an essential interchange between young people and the rest of society.

With young people composing 13% of the world population, their voice, opinion and expertise play an integral part in creating a safe, equal and prosperous future! Yet often, young people are treated as a ‘nuisance’ and not solution providers. We need to change this narrative and it starts with us!

Young people must be seen as integral to planning, initiating and finding solution stages to the climate crisis. Let’s begin with changing our behaviour and start talking to young people!

Meet our COP27 team!

We have a diverse group composed of staff members, delegates working on specific portfolios, and representatives of our Member Organisations.

Timea Abueisa

Hi! My name is Timea, Liaison Officer on Climate Crisis at YEE.
I will be leading YEE’s delegation during the first week of COP27.

Sophia Ullrich

I’m Sophia, born and raised in Germany, at the moment I’m based in Tirana, Albania for an internship. At COP27 I will be a YEE Member Organisation Volunteer, focussing on topics around biodiversity, representing EDEN Albania.


I’m Marian, just turned 22 this September, I’m from Romania and I will be following the activities within the topics of food security and mitigation.

Adéla Pokorná

Hello, my name is Adéla, I am 23 y.o, and I come from the Czech Republic. I am focusing on the agenda of Adaptation and Climate-induced Migration. Among my main tasks are organising and facilitating our side event.
I will be leading YEE’s delegation during the first week of COP27.

Aleksandra Tulusoeva

Hi! My name is Aleksandra and I am a 24-y.o climate activist from Russia as well as the Liaison Officer on Sustainable Energy at YEE. My interests exist at the intersection of climate justice and energy transition, so I will focus on the energy day at COP27!

Viliana Vaklinova

My name is Viliana Vaklinova, and I am a Slovenian and Bulgarian activist and university student. At COP 27, I will represent YEE’s member organizations and their positions on various climate justice issues.

Anna Maria Marino

Hey! My name is Anna, I am based in Italy and I volunteer as Liaison Officer on Arctic and Oceans at YEE. I will join the COP27 delegation in week 2 and focus on ocean-climate issues and the intersection between climate and biodiversity.

Pegah Moulana

Hi! My name is Pegah and I am the current Advocacy Manager at YEE and have been the head organiser for YEE at COP26 and COP27.
I will be leading YEE’s delegation during the first week of COP27.

Agnes Gkoutziamani

Hey! I am Agnes, the current Policy Coordinator at YEE. I will be at COP27 during the second week, supporting the delegation team, from day-to-day issues to more complex policy issues which may rise during our involvement in the climate negotiations.

Chloé ten Brink

Hiya, I’m Chloé, Strategic Communications Coordinator at YEE! I am, 22 y.o and currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Policy, but find a lot of passion and meaning in communications.
I will be in charge of social media and strategy while YEE is at COP27.

Eva Kloudová

Hi! My name is Eva and I am the Communications Manager at YEE.
I will be supporting our delegates and making YEE positions visible in the online world during the second week of COP27.