YEE x green leaders

Sometimes we all just want to get some inspiration or perhaps to materialize that idea we have been thinking about for so long. That is why we are  happy to introduce you to our YEE Interviews. Here you can find uplifting interviews with young entrepreneurs and CEOs, NGOs, businesses, projects, or movements, all involved in the topics we care about so much – youth and environment.

This intiative was led by a former YEE volunteer.

Here is her profile:

My name is Martina and I worked as Project & Communications Support Officer at YEE. I recognize the important role of  youth-led sustainability initiatives to develop a greener community and spread practices of sustainability.

YEE x Luna Marbán

In today’s interview, we get to know Luna Marbán who defines herself as “an entrepreneur, artistic director for sustainable brands, personal image consultant, illustrator, and blogger”. She recently founded the online store Maruna where she sells natural and organic cosmetics –  the products come from Spain (where she is based) and are plastic-free. Keep reading here to find out more about her project!

YEE x Souji

Have you ever wondered what to do with the used vegetable oil that is left in the kitchen after cooking? You should always remember to dispose of it properly, of course; but what if you could make something out of it? In today’s interview, we get to know the founders of the innovative start-up Souji. Some years back, while in their 30s, they started to research and found a way to produce soap out of used vegetable oil. Keep reading here to find out more!

YEE x Food Print Tales 

Today you get to know Lara and her project about sustainable food systems – Food Print Tales. This exciting initiative, which sounds as dreamy as it is, is basically an Instagram account sharing inspiring stories of people experimenting with more sustainable food approaches. Let’s find out more! Read the full interview here.

YEE x Journey Visions – A Path towards Sustainability 

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many environmental initiatives – such as on-site global climate strikes and on-site collective awareness raising campaigns – to stop. However, many young people have shown the resiliency to react to the difficulties the pandemic is imposing. In this YEE interview, you’ll get to know the Journey Vision Podcast. The team behind this brilliant project formed during the European Institute of Innovation & Technology Climate-KIC Summer School 2020. When the summer school was forced to move online, some members decided to set up a platform for project developers, innovators and civil society to share their visions for a better future for all. Read more here. 

YEE x Nuclear Explained

Nuclear weapons and nuclear power have critical overlaps with climate change, from releasing high amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, to destructive impact of nuclear weapons on the environment. To discuss such a complex inter-sectional issue, we had a chat with the team of Nuclear Explained, who is demystifying nuclear weapons policy on Instagram. @NuclearExplained produces engaging content simplifying policy around nuclear weapons and platforming the issue for young people by cutting through activism and policy jargon. Get your facts straight and read the full interview here.

YEE x Swop Shop

Get to know Swop Shop, the first bartering shop in Sweden. Through a system of fictive money – green hearts – you can exchange clothes! How amazing right? With the pandemic of Covid19, this sustainable business came up with even greener ideas such as swopping online and pick up the clothes at the store. Read the full interview here.

YEE x Bee the Change 

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” You’ve probably seen this quote, usually attributed to Albert Einstein. Although there is no evidence the famous scientist actually said this, there is no doubt that the message is real and alarming. So what would happen if bees disappeared? Let´s talk about bees with the team of Bee The Change, a Swedish youth-led non profit organisation raising awareness on the importance of pollinators and removing barriers related to beekeeping. Read the full interview here. 

YEE x Lefteris Arapakis – Enaleia

Travel with us to sunny Greece to meet Lefteris Arapakis, winner of the 2020 Young Champion of the Earth award by the United Nations Environment Programme. Lefteris is a young entrepreneur who founded Enaleia – a startup focusing on training new fishermen. Pretty cool, right? That´s not all! He also came up with the Mediterranean Clean Up initiative tackling the problem of marine plastic pollution with the help of fishermen. Check it out here. 

YEE x ClimaTalk

Check out our fresh#YEEInterview. This time we enjoyed chatting with the international team of ClimaTalk, a youth-led initiative demystifying climate policy and empowering young people’s environmental projects. Read more to find out about how ClimaTalk manages to communicate climate change and related policy in a way that is understandable to everyone. We are pretty sure you will enjoy this chat too! Read more here.

YEE x Oliver Callejero

There is an essential connection between animal welfare and environmental protection. In today’s interview, meet Marc – the co-founder of Oliver Callejero, Catalan NGO aiming at protecting animal welfare and spreading awareness about the importance of adoption. Thanks to a growing professional network of the City Council, local vets and inspiring volunteers, the hard-working team behind this NGO manages to rescue abandoned cats, helping them to recover and giving them a chance to start a new life with loving families. Read our chat with Marc here.


In a new #YEEinterview, meet Krisztina Zálnoky and Lilla Bartuszek, co- founders of V4SDG. Krisztina and Lilla will tell you more about the V4SDG, a youth-led non-profit organisation working on strengthening partnership and leadership for sustainability in the Visegrad Group. The Visegrad Group, V4 for short, is an alliance of four eastern and central European countries – Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. V4SDG is a collective of young professionals transforming sustainability affairs in these countries. Find out more about their ambitious projects and how they’re contributing to the sustainable development of the Central and Eastern European region. Read the interview with V4SDG here.

YEE x Regenerative Urban Farming – The Feminist Farmers

Get to know the founders of The Feminist Farmers – an association that aims to pursue questions of gender, food, autonomy and community resilience. But what does feminism have to do with farming? Keep reading and you will find out! Check out the full interview here

YEE x So.Slow candles

How does it feel to start a sustainable business from scratch? What can you do that’s unique, innovative, and sustainable? Meet Kristina, founder of So.Slow Candles who will share her inspiring story with us. She decided to set up her own business producing handmade soy candles, 100% natural and sustainable. Kristina, only 20 years old woman from Slovakia who got it all – from raw materials to packaging, she carefully selects the ingredients from proven sources and packs the candles in glass jars that can be returned to be refilled again. Read Kristina´s story here

YEE x Advancing Sustainable Solutions – IIIEE

The popularity of podcasts is booming and we’ve found another podcast that you can´t miss. Whether you’re after motivation, inspiration, goal setting, or wanting to learn something about sustainability, the “Advancing Sustainable Solutions” podcast is here to get you bingeing. In today’s interview, we talked to the team behind the podcast “Advancing Sustainable Solutions”, Steven, Karolina, and Frans.  They provided us with more insights on how exciting, challenging and fun at the same time, it is to communicate sustainability research outside academia, making it accessible to public audiences. Who is the team behind the IIIEE podcast? Read more here.

YEE x Gram Malmo

In today’s interview, we talk about the first package-free grocery store of Sweden, GRAM MALMÖ. Meet Rowan, the founder of the Gram. Her zero waste food shop started firstly as a life experiment, and then turned into a very successful sustainable business. Find your inspiration in our today´s story just as we did. Check it out here. 

YEE x Young Leaders Voices

Luca Arfini is an ambitious Italian guy who is embarking on a new journey. His project is called Young Leaders Voices and it aims to talk about today’s global challenges on key topics for young people. The purpose is to consider the two sides of the story, interviewing people with diverging perspectives in order to build a constructive debate. After receiving a lot of critics for the decision to interview Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz as one of the youngest world’s leaders, he started to reflect on his idea. Read Luca´s story here. 

YEE x The Ethos Network 

Today we are bringing you an astonishing story about a youth-led tech start-up company based in London and their recently launched ETHOS app. Have you ever wished to have a dedicated online space where you could discuss social issues? Now, it’s possible. The Ethos Network, is the world first social media platform where you can connect and engage with the causes you care about. A new age of social media has begun, one in which we all use our platforms to mobilise social change. Read more here.

YEE x Paranduskelder – Repair Space 

In today’s interview, we travel to Tartu, Estonia where we meet the team at Paranduskelder – Repair Space, to talk with them about repairing things. Nothing lasts forever. Do you stick with what you’ve been using and love, or get something shiny and new? Paranduskelder is a non-profit organisation, which offers their space and tools you need to fix your broken things. And if you don’t have anything to repair yet, you can still join their creative workshops and events to learn how to make your own stuff to live more sustainably. If you’re not in Estonia, don’t worry! Read our interview, and check out their Youtube Channel for some funny and practical DIY videos.

YEE x Library of Things Prague

Meet one of the most sustainable businesses in Prague, the Library of Things! Here, you can borrow items rather than buying them. A way to save space, money and avoid unnecessary production and consumption. The team is also involved in organising workshops and other exciting sustainable activities to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Check out our interview with the LOT Prague here.

YEE x IYNF x Czech Zero Waste

#ErasmusDays2020 are all about celebration of young spirit, youth mobilities, inspiring projects and motivation. For this special occasion, we teamed up with our friends from IYNF to introduce sustainable businesses in the Czech Republic. Check out our interview with Helena, one of the three founders of the Blog/Podcast Czech Zero Waste.

YEE x Food Saving Lund

Food Saving Lund is a Swedish non-profit organization that works restlessly to tackle the burning issue of food waste, by – of course – saving food, but also spreading awareness through workshops and sustainability-related events.

Check out our interview with the FSL here. 


STAIY is a youth-led sustainable business initiative gathering all the sustainable fashion brands together in one market place.  It’s the discovery of sustainable fashion pieces from the latest designers, materials, and concepts.

Make sure to to check out this new marketplace for sustainable fashion and check out the full talk here.

YEE x Zero Waste Bulgaria

Get to know Denimir and his idea of “Zero Waste Bulgaria” , a non-governmental organisation which promotes a zero-waste lifestyle! Following the 5R,- refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle, rot, Denimir and his team teach how to implement this philosophy of life, starting especially from students from middle schools. It is the very first Zero Waste NGO in Bulgaria, running also a cozy Zero Waste Restaurant.

YEE x Circle Center Lund

This time, we had a nice chat with the team of Circle Center Lund, non-profit organization based in Lund, Sweden which aims to foster a culture of circular economy, reducing the impact our consumption has on the environment. By lending items rather than selling them, Circle Center Lund promotes an efficient culture of sharing.

Find out more about the Circle Center Lund here.

YEE x Ostia Clean Up

Read more about an ambitious young man Giordano Margaglio and his successful idea of litter-picking initiative which later became a non-profit organization, and so much more. Meet Ostia Clean Up! Check out our interview with Giordano here.