Online Training Course | Spreading Pollen – Community engagement for the protection of pollinators

Apples, almonds, tomatoes, and avocados are crops that depend on the work of nature’s pollinators. But who actually are these pollinators? And how can we protect them? Young people play a vital role in preserving our ecosystems, including pollinators. And that´s exactly what the “Spreading Pollen” project is all about. Our first of two online courses on youth engagement for the protection of pollinators has come to an end and we are buzzing with excitement! 

Pollinators are an essential component of healthy ecosystems that both animals and humans depend on for food and shelter. However, pollinators have been declining at unprecedented rates.

Appreciating the severity of the decline of wild pollinators, the European Commission has adopted the EU Pollinators Initiative in order to tackle it. The initiative sets long-term strategic objectives towards 2030, and short-term actions to put the EU on the right path towards reversing its decline. In this regard, The Joint Research Centre (JRC) supports DG Environment through the STING project aiming to increase collaboration in reversing the decline of pollinators. Understanding the importance and potential of youth involvement in biodiversity matters, the JRC has decided to support youth initiatives in fostering engagement in the conservation of wild pollinators. One of them being us and that is how Spreading Pollen was born!

The training course based on non-formal education provided a space for young people to come together and discuss how they can become local leaders for pollinators’ conservation. It unfolded over two weekends during which we discussed:

  • Pollinators’ importance in natural ecosystems and socio-economic systems
  • The regulatory framework governing pollinators decline and protection
  • Different avenues of community engagement for the protection of pollinators
  • Project ideas fit each participant’s context

In addition, there was plenty of time to exchange between participants, the project lead Venetia together with the project team, and guest speakers that shared their experience in citizens’ engagement for the protection of pollinators and beyond. A lot of amazing insights were shared and connections were formed. An amazing Hive was built over two weekends bringing together young people from all over Europe wanting to help our precious pollinators. 

Τhank you to all of our participants for your active participation and engagement. It was amazing to learn with you and from you.  We cannot wait to see you Spreading Pollen in your communities.

Stay tuned for our upcoming training course on Youth Advocacy for the Protection of Pollinators taking place in September. Applications will open in August.


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