Let Grassroots Grow

Why Grassroots?

In nowadays Europe, many young people feel sceptical about the institutionalised politics, the future of Europe and their own participation in the social and political life of their communities. Yet, there is an alternative way to this top-down politics: a bottom-up approach. Grassroots projects, in particular, can foster youth-led change in society by organising activities that tackle environmental problems in their communities.

What came before?

During 2018, YEE focused on the topic of youth participation in environmental decision-making with the project Active Youth – Better Environment. We will continue to explore the complex concept of youth participation in 2019, this time from the perspective of local projects and bottom-up initiatives and young people who want to solve concrete environmental problems and issues in their communities.

Aim and objectives

“Let Grassroots Grow” aims to build the expertise of youth organisations needed to support youth-led environmental grassroots projects by:

  • defining the concept of environmental grassroots projects and their role in fostering youth participation
  • creating a space for peer learning and sharing by exchanging best practices and experiences among youth organisations
  • developing competencies in the participants to organise and support effective grassroots actions and projects
  • supporting and empowering local initiatives to organise local grassroots actions


  • Seminar: Know Your Grassroots

    1st till 7th of April, Ireland

    We will kick off the project with an international seminar, where representatives of environmental youth organisations will explore the concept of grassroots movements and the connection to youth engagement. Based on their experience with grassroots projects, they will exchange best practices, identify successful methods and tools and points for improvement.

  • Webinars

    May-June 2019, online

    The second activity is a series of webinars. These webinars will foster online learning on the specifics and practicalities of grassroots projects.

  • Training Course: Create Your Grassroots

    1st till the 7th of June 2019, Czech Republic

    The third activity is a training course where representatives of environmental youth organisations will gather to develop skills to support local communities and local grassroots movements.

  • Local Actions

    Autumn 2019

    The fourth activity is a series of local actions. Selected applicants who have previously participated in one of the two activities will receive funding from YEE to organise local actions to foster positive change.

  • Evaluation Meeting - Autumn 2019

    Autumn 2019

    During this meeting, the team will summarise the main events of the project, identify the most useful methods and tools which can be used in future YEE projects and reflect on their own learning experience.